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  1. Flashing rainbow colors

    Nobody have an idea s to what might be causing this? Tried updating the graphics card, and java, neither thing fixed the issue.
  2. Flashing rainbow colors

    After the recent update the graphics have been glitchy, things flash in rainbow colors, mostly red in geometric patterns.
  3. Release Community Map

    Smuggler's Cove has been replaced with Tortuga
  4. Animals for free!!

    I'd like some animals. I've just st up a settlement where Smuggler's Cove used to be. It's kinda tricky to get to though so if you want me to come to you to pick them up I'd be happy to
  5. Draggable boats

    I don' think passive miniroll understood the post...
  6. Draggable boats

    So in real life the problem of a boat needing too deep of water to approach shore is solved by tying a row boat to it to use to land with. Letting us lead a boat with a mooring rope would be one approach to this, another would be allowing row boats to be loaded onto cargo ships. I know either of these would make life a lot easier for those of us using ships and would reflect reality as well.
  7. Rag and Bone man coming by

    I also have low q grains, although not a lot yet, but we're working on growing more. Mostly oats.
  8. Rag and Bone man coming by

    Well, I got less than several thousand in the cart. I'll try those tricks next time I go anywhere thoughl so if someone wnts some low q veggies let me know. I want payment of some sort in return by what sort of payment is quite flexible. Delivery is free, but not guaranteed.
  9. Low Mob Count

    Running away is how you deal with spiders without good skills or weapons. running away and dying a lot and dying a lot is ok because you don't have good stuff to lose yet.
  10. Low Mob Count

    I think this could lead to trouble as the server becomes more densely populated.
  11. Low Mob Count

    Or, if you are a hunter and want things that are not sharks to kill, Go kill some sharks to make room. Or offer a bounty for shark fins or something. This does not require the world to be changed, it can be solved with player action.
  12. Low Mob Count

    I do not like that idea. It gives an economic advantage to people who are not willing to face monsters.
  13. Rag and Bone man coming by

    Trading to LilyPhoenix of Wharftown for some iron. This should be a fun trip, I have never been to that part of the map. E18, so I remember.
  14. Rag and Bone man coming by

    So I'm going to be travelling from the west side of the server over to the east side with a cart full of cheap veggies (a few thousand, like 2 or 3) and a bison which is ging to be tanking for me and thus will probably be meat and leather by the time I get there. I'm on free at the moment, so nothing is going to be high Q, but I want to find someone on the east side of the map who would be willing to pay for the load so that I feel like my adventure has a purpose. I'll throw in the cart and the delivery is free, but not guaranteed. I'm also quite willing to carry stuff for anyone else who wishes stuff carried, just respond here or holler at me in game. My cart is named Vardo and is a small cart. If anyone sees it laying about without me I have undoubtedly perished along the way and would be greatful for help recovering my cart and corpse.
  15. Evil the Traveler

    I'm planning on naming my cart vardo, since that's a gypsy wagon and I'll be basically gypsying.