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  1. Wurm Online 1.3 update Patch Notes (22/NOV/16)

    I am interested in these "Other things" you speak of
  2. That is quite the speedy update props
  3. Wurm Online 1.3 update Patch Notes (22/NOV/16)

    Why would Freedom Chaos players want to merge into Epic when as a Chaoser they can freely enter Freedom unlike you Epicers
  4. Wurm Online 1.3 update Patch Notes (22/NOV/16)

    More like grinding 80-90 medition on epic is the same as going to 70 on Freedom
  5. With Rolf out of the Way

    Since he is passing the reigns, can we finally start abandoning epic. If the few epic players need pleasing, offer them some transitional skills at 1:5
  6. Being able to Improve a Damaged Gate [Fixed]

    You dont need higher level bricks to improve stone, I believe the higher ql bricks just improve more.
  7. i've reclaimed my cove

    Did you go back before or after Nil exploded. Must have been a lot of goodies.
  8. Weekly News #35

    The solution is simple; people are crying that they don't want to cook in order to get to the current status quo, when the patch releases. However the devs want people to cook. So in order to please both sides keep it so rares/refreshes are the same (which is done) but make it so that the new cooking is so OP that you would have to cook. Of course people will still cry but they get what they asked for.
  9. Vynora needs to listen

    [04:44:15] You bang the Ear of Vynora on the Altar of Three. She needs to pay attention when my priest prays to her for a quality enchant
  10. EuIV

    I just started a new campaign with my friend. My steam id is Chrisyou
  11. My new take on Wurm

    Where is the drama?
  12. A convience was added in this patch that makes my life so much easier. Wurm remembering window resized settings. Usually takes me a few seconds to adjust it to the proper size every time I load up. So long are those days
  13. New to the game; Need a village

    This was posted on Xanadu forums, I take it he is from there Edit: A shame, because I am recruiting on Exo
  14. Most of us thank god he hasn't
  15. Newbie Rope?

    They get a newbie light for x amount of hours