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  1. Before you delete any unacceptably posts/topics, send personall message to each aggrieved with something as "your topic/post was moved to.. or your topic/posts was deleted for ... reason. I come here after 10 days from my last activitiy on forum.. i can see somebody like my posts , but i cant see those last posts. so iam asking self what the heck. This is not for first time when you guys in charge decide to delete something, then you "maybe" write answer into topic, that it break any rule and after minute delete whole topic without chance to know other or not give time to other to read reason.
  2. Yep, but you can get killed without warning when you enter deed perimeter with guard tower.
  3. Key eye.......................... posted years ago and nothing happened. They dont care............
  4. option to dye your sheep... So with black sheep can finally, come black Aries. Or do you think you can breed two sheeps, when sheeps are always only female?
  5. was posted 1000,000 and still no change. Most of new people who register for the 1 time here, do not know their acc login will be nick in game...
  6. But i see faming in wurm as: you plant any ql seed, and when each time you tend it, ql raise . But it can work with different wogic.
  7. +1 The threat of compulsory prison labor for an indefinite period in the most difficult sin instead of bans or other punishment. I dont think here are punishment very often.
  8. Want to sell 11x sleep powder for 10s