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  1. +1 Would be fun!
  2. I love that we can now set our tables, showcase things around the house, so I'd like to suggest a new drinking utensil, a Drinking Horn. Made out of an animal horn, I think it would be a nice addition, as currently we only have a pottery beer stein or a skull cup. I think it would look good on a table, shelf, or full of our home brewed beer or wine
  3. We have a lot of requests for help by new players who find vehicles that are unlocked, hitch up some critters and drive them around, then disembark on someones deed, losing the vehicle. The Wiki contains several pages giving the good advice to not to this, but it seems that new players don't always read this, or find the advice before finding that handy dandy unlocked vehicle. I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a popup somewhere in the tutorial that could give this nifty piece of advice so that they are aware of it before even stepping into the game. I think this could save a lot of headaches and heartaches by new players.
  4. I have been making crates since the last update, and have noticed a strange thing happening. I start a bunch of crates, get them in my inventory to complete them. I've noticed that when adding planks, it adds between 3-9 planks to the first crate, then removes that crate from the window, and starts adding planks to the next crate. This happens with each crate. I noticed because I was getting overburdened with so many partially completed crates in my window. I saw that I have 25 crates in my inventory, but only 15 in the window. I move the crates back into the window, start adding planks again, and it finishes the partial crates. When I get to the end of the partial crates, it starts partially completing the crates again. I have tried placing the crates in the left window, and in the right window, both make this happen. The needed items also always stay at 15 planks even though I am adding planks. When I return the partially completed crates to the window, the counter shows the correct number of planks needed to finish the crate.
  5. The routing system for the highways on Xan seem to be broken. Most of the waystones all say unknown, and find route does not give a route, or lit sign, or arrow. I've spoken with several people on Xan who are all having the same issue. Unsure if wagoners are affected.
  6. I would like to request that books be able to hold more than 10 pages. My alliance has been trying to write guides for new players, and 10 pages isn't a lot of room for that. Even 20 pages would be a nice improvement
  7. +1 This is a great idea
  8. Good Bye Wurm

    I too started after your time as staff, but I have heard a lot of good things about you. Fight the good fight. Give and receive lots of love, and give that pooch a smooch from me
  9. Good to have you back Elwood. You do good work at fair prices, and have always been good to your customers.
  10. +1 This would be nice info to have available. Many people talk about always logging in when it is dark, but if they had known, they could have done something for the little bit of time until it was daylight. Would be nice to check first, especially if you have plans for travel, or sailing, which both can be harder at night.
  11. The personal goal for defeating another player with a bow seems to be broken. In order to complete this goal, you must have a bow in your hand, take off your pants and pretty much kick the player to death. Shooting them with the bow does not work. Can we look into fixing this?
  12. I noticed on the crafting menu it lists that you need a "planned floor" not a completed floor. If you try to build a staircase without a completed floor, it seems that you can't add it to the craftiing window once the floor is done. As far as I know, you need a completed floor to build a staircase, not a planned floor. Can this be looked into? Possibly change the crafting menu to reflect a floor being needed?