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  1. That's fine. If you don't need them, then use a lower ql belt that isn't rare, and you don't have to worry about seeing 3 more slots on your belt. There are those of us who would like this option, and it wouldn't affect you at all. It's important to listen to other people, and consider their needs, and understand that it won't affect you at all.
  2. +1 I use all 10 rows of my belt, one row for each of the things I do, but I can always use more slots, especially by 0 row, which I use for every day use. I would love to have more slots.
  3. The exception to this that I can see is that many people purchase in game currency on the web page for real money. Then they can gamble with it. The person winning the currency can turn around and pay their deed upkeep or subscription time with that currency, which means that they don't have to pay real money for it. In that case, real money would be exchanged, and used as real money.
  4. I am unable to load "all items" when transferring items between crates. I can only transfer the amount I'm able to carry in my inventory, just like it used to be, ages ago.
  5. With 97 digging, and 92.98 mining, I used to be able to see tile border slope at lease 8 tiles distant. Now I can see 5. My husbands character, at 95.8 digging and mining of 94, was also at least 8 tiles distant, now can only see them 2 tiles away. I don't know if this is a bug, or if everyone's tile sight was nerfed to make Magranon followers sight a tile farther. Even if it was intended that everyone be nerfed (which if so, it should have been mentioned before it happened) so that Magranon's sight was farther. To me, it feels like a bug, as our tile distance sight should be nearly identical.
  6. I tested this, and I believe the problem may be due to the new change with the auto walk/run key. It is supposed to work in two different ways. If you tap the autorun key, it will do a regular autorun, and if you hold down the autoun key, it will have your vehicle or horse drive in a straight line down the road, so there is no more weaving all over while driving. The problem seems to be that the sensitivity is set too low, and holding down the autorun key for just a fraction of a second too long, will cause it to go into straight driving mode. Could be that the time holding the key needs to be increased to stop this from happening.
  7. Same. It's always on a slope. Hasn't happened to us on flat ground, but quite often when riding a horse on a slope.
  8. +1 Would be fun!
  9. I love that we can now set our tables, showcase things around the house, so I'd like to suggest a new drinking utensil, a Drinking Horn. Made out of an animal horn, I think it would be a nice addition, as currently we only have a pottery beer stein or a skull cup. I think it would look good on a table, shelf, or full of our home brewed beer or wine
  10. We have a lot of requests for help by new players who find vehicles that are unlocked, hitch up some critters and drive them around, then disembark on someones deed, losing the vehicle. The Wiki contains several pages giving the good advice to not to this, but it seems that new players don't always read this, or find the advice before finding that handy dandy unlocked vehicle. I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a popup somewhere in the tutorial that could give this nifty piece of advice so that they are aware of it before even stepping into the game. I think this could save a lot of headaches and heartaches by new players.
  11. I have been making crates since the last update, and have noticed a strange thing happening. I start a bunch of crates, get them in my inventory to complete them. I've noticed that when adding planks, it adds between 3-9 planks to the first crate, then removes that crate from the window, and starts adding planks to the next crate. This happens with each crate. I noticed because I was getting overburdened with so many partially completed crates in my window. I saw that I have 25 crates in my inventory, but only 15 in the window. I move the crates back into the window, start adding planks again, and it finishes the partial crates. When I get to the end of the partial crates, it starts partially completing the crates again. I have tried placing the crates in the left window, and in the right window, both make this happen. The needed items also always stay at 15 planks even though I am adding planks. When I return the partially completed crates to the window, the counter shows the correct number of planks needed to finish the crate.
  12. The routing system for the highways on Xan seem to be broken. Most of the waystones all say unknown, and find route does not give a route, or lit sign, or arrow. I've spoken with several people on Xan who are all having the same issue. Unsure if wagoners are affected.