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  1. I would like to request that books be able to hold more than 10 pages. My alliance has been trying to write guides for new players, and 10 pages isn't a lot of room for that. Even 20 pages would be a nice improvement
  2. More alloys!

    +1 This is a great idea
  3. Good Bye Wurm

    I too started after your time as staff, but I have heard a lot of good things about you. Fight the good fight. Give and receive lots of love, and give that pooch a smooch from me
  4. Carpentry and blacksmithing workshop!

    Good to have you back Elwood. You do good work at fair prices, and have always been good to your customers.
  5. Time/Weather Ticker @

    +1 This would be nice info to have available. Many people talk about always logging in when it is dark, but if they had known, they could have done something for the little bit of time until it was daylight. Would be nice to check first, especially if you have plans for travel, or sailing, which both can be harder at night.
  6. The personal goal for defeating another player with a bow seems to be broken. In order to complete this goal, you must have a bow in your hand, take off your pants and pretty much kick the player to death. Shooting them with the bow does not work. Can we look into fixing this?
  7. I noticed on the crafting menu it lists that you need a "planned floor" not a completed floor. If you try to build a staircase without a completed floor, it seems that you can't add it to the craftiing window once the floor is done. As far as I know, you need a completed floor to build a staircase, not a planned floor. Can this be looked into? Possibly change the crafting menu to reflect a floor being needed?
  8. Had someone contact me, telling me that they are getting errors when trying to bind actions. This particular one is when he tried to bind "identify" . He tried binding dig, got a similar message.
  9. Tamed deer

    I did examine, no message about loyalty, and not sure myself if that shows up for the person who didn't tame. Also, update from my husband: My friend didn't tame it, my husband did, and he was online at the same time, still didn't see a green outline.
  10. Tamed deer

    I have a deer that was tamed by a friend to heal and move it (was diseased). I logged in today, and saw her blue outline, and assumed the tame was gone. I tried to tame her, but kept getting the message "The adolescent deer ignores your attempts". My husband came and checked, the outline was green for him. My friend came on line, and untamed, I was then able to tame the deer. Not sure why I couldn't see that she was tamed.
  11. Wurmiversary 2018

    Yeah Fabricant, it's amazing
  12. Wurmiversary 2018

    Yes, we decoded it, it was all right except the first line is fool, not tool
  13. Wurmiversary 2018

    We got Fool, not Tool for the word in the first sentance...