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  1. I see..well i did what suggested, switched off VGO and the option above, the GSLS and the problem is better now. but still not like it was before. Reverting to the old driver, is the only way to go back to an earlier system recovery point ? Because that one i would like to avoid, no one knows what i would lose with it;) Beside of that, is there another switch i can move to make things go better and smoother ?
  2. WTB 3k dirt

    Would be good when delivered, can help with this. Location is Celebration westcoast, x3, y28. Can pay with 2 sleep powder(each is going for 1.5 s) or silver coins, as wished. PM please or thread.
  3. ..for 1.5 silver, no delivery. PM please for details
  4. WTB Trader

    Cheaper then in the trader. Offers please per PM or here in the thread. Ty
  5. Have pretty low skills because i started not long ago, would you suggest the impalong as a skilling chance for beginners also ?
  6. Np, i take it. Sent you a pm, thread can be closed.
  7. Should be possibly low QL and coc should be 60+, contact via PM or here in thread please
  8. If cheaper then in the trader. Offers via PM or in the thread please. Got one.
  9. Please leave me alone i just want to buy a merchant
  10. Is it possible to buy a merchant and not a merchant contract ?
  11. 1000 actions = 1 Silver Mining skill is 40, Digging is 46, Carpentry is 30, Masonry 32. Motto: no mountain to big, no bush-area to bushy, no field to dirty.