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  1. -1 This would just cause a greater imbalance between new players and the legacy players imo. I would +1 any idea that gives legacy players something less game breaking, like something cosmetic perhaps.
  2. -1
  3. Hey! I would like a gland (any QL) with 90+ CoC. COD to Fraskesa Thanks
  4. Its all about joining the future!
  5. Marble Shards c90 (80c) COD to Nukkinak Thanks!
  6. stone chisel, BOTD87: 1s 37c COD to Nukkinak Thanks
  7. Very fast and friendly service! Highly recommend this seller :3
  8. QL 81 Whetstone c97 (240c) QL 86.13 potion of woodcutting (4.3s)QL 85.96 potion of woodcutting (4.2s)QL 83.07 potion of woodcutting (4.0s)QL 82.08 potion of woodcutting (4.0s) COD to Nukkinak Thanks!
  9. 38QL fine fishing rod willow 88coc-88c COD to Nukkinak Thanks
  10. best enchanted items

    spindle, birchwood 80ql WOA84 - 1s COD to Nukkinak Thanks
  11. shovel, 50 ql, 88 coc, 80 c press, 50 ql, 84 coc,1 s lump, iron, 46 ql, 80 coc, 80 c clay shaper, oakenwood, 7 ql, 76 coc, 40 c COD to Nukkinak Thanks :3
  12. I remember someone made a post about splitting Xan in 4 servers. Essentially keeping the server deeds the same, but reducing the lag greatly. But it did not get so many positive responses back then