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  1. Increase felled tree pickup range

  2. Pristine Die?

    Yeah - seems like it - was in the middle of a fight with a whale...
  3. Champion hell scorpions

    That is incorrect, when spawned for Valrei missions they can - and that happened on Release.
  4. WTA Supremes and Rare Enkounter Loot!

    3. Rare Butchering Knife (Iron): 77q 3s
  5. -1 If you don't like it, why don't you go kill them then?
  6. Couple oddities

    It's a known bug
  7. 24 skillers 1 auction

    5s 50c
  8. Bind multiple action to a key.

    Would rather see the rules change and exclude the use of the fancy keyboard macros. if that is not the case +1