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  1. Shovel C93 COD Nukkinak thanks
  2. +1 Would enable casual players to join in on the fun
  3. Marbe Shards c76 (42c) Soft cap - 2s COD to Nukkinak Thanks!
  4. Yeah, would be nice!
  5. +1 The possibilities with this!
  6. All the rare lumps of iron 12c each COD to Nukkinak (if price is good for you)
  7. You guys all have it the wrong way around - people from epic should keep all their skills as they are AND freedom players just get a 50-55% boost in all their skills
  8. +1 for regional food and/or drinks
  9. If you can manage what players you allow on the village page +1
  10. +1
  11. x1 Blood (Weaponsmithing) - 65c x1 Rare Pickaxe - 1s55c
  12. x1 Blood (Weaponsmithing) - 55c x1 Rare Pickaxe - 1s5c x4 Seryll lumps - 30c each