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  1. Got hit here again - [16:24:12] You must not move while doing that.
  2. In the grand scheme of Wurm, branches are actually pretty recent. They seem to be intended as a last ditch effort for people who lost all of their tools and are building back up from nothing (crude axe/knife). Train up your woodcutting if you want good QL wooden items.
  3. Out of curiosity, how many were spawned on each server?
  4. So, simple suggestion here - we already have a visual percentage on the mission bar, so we don't need it on the mouse over as well. Instead, have a component counter (so instead of "50%", have it say "17 of 34" or some sort)
  5. I have noticed today that there is a bit of an oddity in shipping papyrus vs archaeology journals with reports. Papyrus = 1c Blank report = 1c Journal with 85 reports = 1.85c So, for some reason, reports in a journal get the 1i bonus, but reports outside of a journal get normal shipping.
  6. IMO, this is how it should break down: Metal class: 2.7 KGs Alloy class: 1 KGs Moonmetal class: 0.1 KGs Will still make the super common copper ones kinda useful without blowing moonmetal out of the water.
  7. So a sermon but for crafters. Interesting idea, not sure how commonly it would be used, but would be very useful at impalongs - jesters providing entertainment(buffs)
  8. IMO dispelling should just outright destroy it, like it does with any other cast. BUT, I feel that high level restoration should be able to attempt to salvage the rune. Something crazy like 90 restoration and 90 QL chisel should grant around a 10% recovery rate, IMO.
  9. It would be cool if they separated out food and drink affinities. At the moment, there is nothing that booze can do for affinities that food can't do 10x better. If they worked in different pools and stacked, they could be very interesting for affinities.
  10. Mixed feelings on this one, we have enough too much junk coming out of arch as it is. So +1 only if it is confined to the same tier as shafts, lumps, shards, ect, but will still be dumped on site when I find them.
  11. Yea, there needs to either be a solid line of text stating that the report is complete or an ingame mechanic that shows the report as complete (changing color, changing name, ect) so we don't need to right click through them all. As far as I can tell, it is not explicitly dependent on the "and complete the location details in the report" (which is what I have been using in my WA trigger), but more of a checklist of things needed. It seems that the trigger for "and complete the location details in the report" is just the least common, so it *usually* happens near the end of the life of the report. But yea, major +1 for me, or I am going to have to start working on my own variant of WA that is capable of logging multiple lines into one item and multiple dynamic items.
  12. 1 - Strongly agree, we badly need some way to check these outside of manually finding the record(s) in question and right clicking through. 2 - The small tokens make sense to me for this. I don't think the book really needs to track beyond the lifespan of the report. If you need the report to find your way back to said deed, just store it outside of a book and use it for navigation and never actually collect the reward. 3 - Maybe, but only if they sort out how the client handles client-only items (see insanity hallucinations and how they stick around forever) - could be more annoying than interesting.
  13. Conflict found between: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Dye#Vehicles.2FShips - Knarr - 25.440 kg https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Knarr - Total Dye Needed: 240kg
  14. Digging deeper At higher levels, we should be able to pull up more items per action. I propose that this work similar to how forage/botanize works where the action is extended out but has multiple "ticks" where something can be gathered. Each stage will extend your action by 1 base action time and give a chance to each extension to gather an item at increasingly higher difficulty. 1 skill - 1 base action time, 1 possible item gathered 30 skill - new action is +5 difficulty from base 50 skill - new action is +10 difficulty from base 70 skill - new action is +15 difficulty from base 90 skill - new action is +20 difficulty from base 95 skill - new action is +25 difficulty from base 99 skill - new action is +30 difficulty from base As I understand it, higher difficulty = better tier items. So to counter this, any "failure" will stop the action where it is - making it fairly uncommon for the +30 difficulty tick to even be attempted. Restoration basin A moderate sized tub that, when items are placed inside it and restored with the chisel/metal brush, the debris from the restoration will gather in the bottom of the basin. Debris removed during the chisel phase will gather as rockshards Debris removed during the metal brush phase will gather as dirt *I know that this was be a negligible amount of rock/dirt gathered through this process, and I feel that some people would be annoyed by the extra parts, so I suggest that these debris components ONLY appear when items are restored in the basin and are discarded automatically when restored elsewhere Prying off runes An insanely difficult action (like 90 restoration with a 90 QL chisel should only give about a 20% chance of success) but we should be able to remove runes from items so we can attach them elsewhere. Rune stacking The citizens of the past clearly found ways to get more than 1 rune on an object and I feel that we should be able to study their ways. At 70 restoration - a second rune can be attached to an object at a +20 difficulty At 90 restoration - a third rune can be attached to an object at a +40 difficulty The grinder I get a fair amount of stuff that is completely worthless to me and it either gets left in the field or flushed down the Vynora toilet. I propose that we intoduce another new item - the archaeology grinder - to help deal with these items. Whenever 100 identified fragments are placed into this machine and it is used, it will reduce all 100 fragments down into a single archaeology powder. Archaeology powder can be applied to tools to give 1 power to an archaeology imbue (max 100) which will slightly increase the performance of said tool in archaeology. Trowel/shovel - higher QL fragments and an increase in chance of getting higher teir items Chisel/brush - takes off a little more debris and increase chance of getting alloy For a fully upgraded set of trowel/chisel/brush, it would take 30,000 junk items. So get to work!
  15. I may not have had a full understanding on that one but it may still be a good idea to look into scaling to make sure that everyone is fair.