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    Neoliberalism is the ideological and economical basis for a worldwide optimization boost in exploiting human and nature for the capital. They never will seek for true solutions for humans, but rather control the destruction initiated by their system and siphon off profits for a few.
  1. Has locksmithing got hardcapped on Epic to Skilllevel 25? As I can't make any lockpicks anymore with 22,67 skill. Always get the message: "you aren't skilled enough to do". And in the list of crafting recipes lockpciks are in red font: "unavailable".Or did I miss a changelog, when this was changed??
  2. Where did they get ported? What is "collada"? Only know "Pina Colada", but I guess, this has nothing to do with this sweet & sticky drink And btw: +1 Vote for more natural looking Oleander as well! Thousands of bright pink dots around my deed - gimme some "Roundup ready"! Great update so far...thx! Even greater if I could play now!
  3. How less "Mind" do I need to get the title? Is there kind of negative numbers title system as well?
  4. Love the buff bar. Makes fighting more exciting, if you get hints about buffs and debuffs. Fog looks great as well. Maybe it gets weird, if it is for some hours and you can't see anything.
  5. Is there a possibility to get a Dev releasing some informations towards Wurm and soundscapes?
  6. That's a question, I always asked my self as well, why several landscapes have more birds and nicer sounds then others. Would really like to get some concrete info from the developpers side. It would be awesome, if we could terraform holistically, even the soundscape.
  7. Have updated to Javaclient / Update 51 (64 bit). The same problems as above described. At least the minedoors seem fixed (as far as I can overview this at this state).
  8. Hey. Since last server / Javaclient update (think it was 14.1. 2014) i have these glitches: dark green areas in my grass tiles (which appear normal besides those glitches) sky sometimes seperated by a straight line into dark and bright area (one looks as daylight, the other half as dawn) minedoorglitch carts are stuttering while driving mines are very dark, although illuminated through lamps Wurm: Experimental client My OS: Windows 8 / 64 bit, Nvidea Geforce GT 650M (notebook with 2 graphic cards, onboard and this one, which I use for Wurm), Driver: Java client Version 7 Update 45, Build 1.7.0_45-B18
  9. Great survey! Although I find the terminus "culture" difficult and discussible! It's a functional construction, which creates a pseudo - reality of "the other " or "the different" and is often abused to create a pseudo - identity and unity. Featureless as the terminus "the XXX people" in a national context, empty like the terminus "race" (which is at least in human context a construction as well). Mostly used by people, who have the definatory power and abused to underline existing hegemony. Eg.: German Christian Democratic Party (CDU, Friedrich Merz)) used the terminus "Leitkultur" ("guidance culture"), implying, there were a legitimated culture to orientate at. So called integration programs for a number of (unfortunatly and involuntary) "other" people (eg. migrants) orientate at this unquestioned pseudo - consensus. So in my point of view the use of "culture" can be dangerous in constructing functional realities. For anybody interested in the "constitutive other"(Edward Said et. al.), here some basic informations: But however: nice survey! (Maybe question design should have the option: no opinion to XX, as I thorougly met people in my previous life, who would have felt "at home" there. The sad truth is: there were far too many in my point of view. Neglecting this is in a research design can mislead and distort results) Not expected any other results (hope I won't get arrested now) : "Neoliberalism is the ideological and economical basis for a worldwide optimization boost in exploiting human and nature for the capital. They never will seek for true solutions for humans, but rather control the destruction initiated by their system and siphon off profits for a few."
  10. Why make towerguards slower? Now they are more useless then ever (25 fighting skill) against 70 + fighting skill of average Pvper, then lesser speed and more seldom horse attacking, what would be the most intelligent action to perform against any raiders on horses. You seem to forget that raiders mostly come in groups, and there are only a few deeds with a group of people being online at the same time to defend. As if towerguards have been a problem for any raiders anytime. Why don't give them instant access to Newb or non Pvper deeds as well. Following this logic...
  11. Bonus sing.(latin) in plural is: boni. The same with malus / mali. The first one you benefit of like buffs and perks, mali give you disadvantages. Sorry, I thought that termini would be common under gamers. @ Druidnature I know the map and cartography discussion. I dont necessarily want the map to be charted or plotted, but kind of invisible counter, which recognizes your activity on the map and gives you scouting skillgain (like a raising knowledge in other skills, that gives you better imping or other benefits). In Rl it is obvious, that someone knowing a landscape has advantages. This could be in Wurm as well. And a specific skill could make scouting maps even more attractive or even necessary in case of raids. A resident in a Sector should have a bonus in that area, as he knows it like noone other.
  12. I thought about a new skill (Topography), which gets progress by exploring and scouting. It could get bound at the exploration of many spots and coords on the map. Or kind of bonus for being a resident, villager or deedowner at a map sector or often have visited certain regions (as they know every stick and stone around). So players should get boni for knowing the place (their deed, a location, a terrain, a Kingdom). Boni in stealth, fighting, foraging, climbing, travel and running speed, ressource find, aso. These boni could get increased by scouting skill gain. One bonus could be a higher view range for aggro players or animals, and a possibility to hide more easily. Certain skills could get skillgain boosted as well in an area of high sovereignity. Vice versa should foreign Kingdom players get mali on unknown terrain for not knowing the surrounding. Topography skill could be the base for another skill as well: cartography
  13. PvP easy fruits

    Please please leave the guards as they are, as they are the only protection non Pvp players have. They even shall kill the horse of attackers, as they loose 1 Cr without their horse and are slowed down in their (mostly worn) plate armours. Furthermore Spirit guards are much too expensive for that little protection they give. They should aid in Raids helping to protect. It's so ridiculous easy for Highlvl Pvpers to kill them (and that we pay much silver for). And against animals I dont need protection mostly, I have walls for that. I need guards against players. And they should get a boost, when the deedowner is offline. As PvP improvement is not only about making killing people more fun, but about Newbs and non Pvpers giving a real chance to protect themselves and fight without logging off (against highlvl, highequipped players), who always come in groups. As Pvp now is only a feature for a few longtermplayers or people having the money to buy accounts. My suggestions: Make all armour types viable in Pvp, each with own advantages and drawbacks. Rework the weaponsystem and make all weapons viable (not only axe, longsword and maul). Maybe 2 weapon fight as well. Mabye daggers (playing roguelike in light armour and huge evasion) or monklike with staffs. give new skills (like skilltrees, which get unlocked. A decision for one skilltree should be bound to advantages and disadvantages, and should be a determination like the meditation pathes). Make Stealth a skill to be trained (could help non Pvper as well) add forageble and mixable rare herbs and animal parts for healthpotions and poisons make traps decay less and give them more real use ingame give us companions for fighting like dogs or tamed croks, who get combat traits and not only speedtraits. mabye new weapons like siegeladders, crossbows and heated tar. make pvp easier for players with less playtime, skilllevel and eqip. Their only chance is fleeing. They should get boni for knowing the place (their deed, a location, a terrain, a Kingdom).This could be a skill as well (Topography), which gets progress by exploring and scouting. It could get bound at the exploration of many spots on the map (so foreign kingdoms would have much more difficulties to easily kill. prevent minehopping for foreign Kingdom raiders give more accidential (not skillrelated) events like: unhorsing, weapon breaking, overturning in Platearmour, bow string tearing. That would make pvp much more exciting. This could be as well by adding more mobs to the sea, as Pvpers coming in ships would have more challenge to get to other islands.