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  1. Currently, the Strongwall spell can either create rock on a tile that has no creatures or items on it, or, if there is rock there, it reinforces it. if you try to cast on an occupied tile you get an error message, i.e. "That tile is occupied by creatures." What i suggest is that, if the tile is occupied, then instead of trying to create rock, get the spell to reinforce the floor. This is basically what happens with walls that are 'occupied' by rock. This proposal would allow Mag priests to help out in the a task that currently requires support beams as the only method of reinforcing. We could still have the message about the tile being occupied, but it could be changed to, "Obstructions found on the tile, reinforcing the floor instead." ...if you want to reinforce floors, you'd just have to cast on the tile you're standing on.
  2. I cant believe nobody has mentioned it before but for the cost of a few extra lines in a file, could we please have the client look for a separate toolbelt when you are on freedom, and a new line for epic to look for. This would mean when i travel between the two worlds i wouldn't overwrite my toolbelt with the other world's items, and end up with a blank toolbelt on return. Seems a simple QoL change. (though i know things are seldom as simple as they seem)
  3. I'm expanding... Pendragon Ranch - https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1342,1865 Pendragon Stables - https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1345,1900 Animal Market, including free low trait horses for rifters to use. Public Permissions: Load and Unload, Push/Pull, Tame/Charm/Dominate. ...is that info something that goes on the map?
  4. Some more background to the Canal. The original mining started from my Oasis deed around October/November/December 2013, i forget exactly. I originally mined north to link up with Dragons Keep. along the perimeter between Ghoulio's deed to the west (i forget the name of his deed) and Huntsman's Lodge to the east. Directly south of Oasis was my friend BTRod's deed called Bitburg, or something similar, again, memory fails me. While I mined north of Dragons Keep, he mined a little way south to help the project. When he left for the new world of Xanadu in June 2014, i completed the south direction. It was not long after the breakthrough of a single width canal from Dragons Keep to Blossom that the end was sealed and the project was put on hold. This was probably around August 2014. As i had done about 99% of the mining alone (ok, with an alt army helping) I got quite annoyed with the person blocking my work, so i threw my toy pickaxe out the pram, and never swung another blow in the canal since. But now there seems to be a decent number of people helping, i have no problem with working on it again.
  5. @syncaidius Yes indeed the canal was my idea and about 4 or 5 years ago i spent a lot of time and silvers getting it passable right through. I gave up on it however when someone who shall remain nameless deliberately sealed up the Blossom end. A few months ago i split my Dragons Keep deed into two deeds so that the canal under the road was off deed. Oasis is still across the canal, and i have no problem giving anybody mining access through it. just send me a list of names. I hardly ever check the forums any more. and have just been informed of the renovation project. Should you need me to help, or give access, the best way to contact me is through Discord. JDBooker#4050
  6. normal password files are around 100 bytes long and look like; #Wurm Online client saved password #Fri Aug 24 16:30:24 BST 2018 player_password=a1b2c3d4e5f6 and this unicode style text goes on, and on, and on. Almost 1.2Mb of it. ....why is it like this? The password saving feature still works though. On my two almost identical machines, only one has this, the other is normal. Surely this is slowing down the login, and possibly eating extra memory, as well as hard drive space. btw, the password alphanumerics have been changed in these examples, for security reasons.
  7. Wolfs Den Highway, Tunnel, and Boat Canal can be very confusing and you could get lost if following the community map. i have tried to make a clearer map which hopefully can be used to clarify the community map. Due to the width of the tunnel and canal, they are actually joined (3 tiles boat canal, 1 tile slope, 2 tiles highway) but i drew them only one tile wide for clarity. The highway and tunnel are both protected with catseyes throughout, above and below ground. the south spur of the tunnel (from the Y shape) is not protected. Yellow = Above Ground Protected Highway Red= Underground Highway/Tunnel Orange = Below Ground Protected Highway Light Blue = Boat Canal
  8. I think I forgot to post in this thread about one of the highway projects we did. Puzzle Plaza Market is linked to the Green Tunnel. As per the highway policy, Pilgrims Gate has been bypassed as they do not want the highway. Also; Kyono disbanded at least 4 years ago. The tunnel from PPM to Pilgrims is almost straight, the bend is only 1 or 2 tiles, at the PPM entrance. (Please excuse my terrible cut-and-paste editing of the isobars lol)
  9. Also, Please add the Wagoner icon the Pendragon Keep (Community Map P24 / Ingame Map T19) The Wagoner is set to public use and there is a Wagoner Container set for public use, so anyone can send crates from the dockside
  10. Highway additions; Proxima Vista is now connected to the main highway via Wonderland and Cheshire (Proxima Vista is not shown on my map but the highway does extend to the deed) The Highway system extends through the "Wolf's Den Tunnel" to link up with the "Northeast Backbone" (listed 3 posts up by Muse)
  11. Big thanks to Markcrow for giving me deed permissions to open up the end of the tunnel, for planting the last few catseyes and miscellaneous other things to help. Wolf's Den tunnel is now complete and the North-east of Deli is linked! Wolfs Den Highway (incl. past Wonderland, and NE 'Backbone'), courtesy of; JDBooker/Nusty/Ricardor/Highwayman/Resurrection/DragonNah, (Funding, Mining, Organising, Paving/Catseyes, Planning, Reinforcing, Strongwalling, and Temporary Deeds) JoTheBard/Muse, (Funding, Mining, Paving/Catseyes, Strongwalling) Quasiwud (Donation of Support Beams) MrCoolMan, (Mining) Wilca/Lexa, (Concrete, Mining) DelightfulDee, (Mining) ChaosKiller, (Mining) MarkCrow, (Mining, Paving/Catseyes, Permissions, Reinforcing, Security) ...and anyone else who helped without me knowing. I still want to link the red/blue tunnel to make wagoners faster, and as a backup route in-case of breakages or maintenance. So contacting redhawk is still something required. However i am now looking for the next project. Suggestions and highway requests are welcomed.
  12. Wolfs Den tunnel is free of veins. All we need now is permissions from Markcrow at Ravensrise to complete the tunnel. Catseyes are placed as far as permissions will allow; [17:04:53] You do not have permission to plant a catseye on (or next to) "Ravensrise".
  13. Update: with the help of DelightfulDee and MCM, the iron veins from the West end of the tunnel have been removed. The North-east of Deli is now only 50 tiles away from connection! (pending a modified tunnel entrance) There are 6 veins in the way of these 50 tiles, and need to be removed, from West to East; 40ql Tin, 3-5k Mined out 24ql Tin, 1-3k Mined out 21ql Zinc, 5-10k Mined out 29ql Zinc, 3-5k 75ql Zinc, 1-3k Mined out 26ql Zinc, 3-5k Mined out I am approaching these from the West, and hope to take out about 5-10k a day. Update2: Only one vein remains. This will be gone today.
  14. Wolfs den is connected... but in a bit of an ugly way. See 'spoiler' image. I would still prefer to run through the Red/Blue tunnels, so still need to contact Redhawk. There was 100 eyes or so that were needed to link up the north of "Yaga's Peninsula" so now the north coast of Dragon Cove is linked through the East highway. I Deeded Wolfs Den and completed a link to it. Wonderland could connect to the highway with about 20 eyes, if they should desire. Current progress is that i need 120 Support Beams to reinforce the floor of the Wolfs den tunnel entrance down to the Canal itself. Quasiwud has supplied 100 beams. This is his second donation to the highway projects. A big thanks goes to him for this. There are 2 iron veins in the way, but I have alts on them and they will be gone this week. A big thanks to MCM for coming along to help with the veins. The Canal has 6 veins in the way at the East end. If my memory serves me correctly, these are 3 tin and 3 zinc. These will hopefully be gone by next week. I need to get hold of Markcrow as his deed covers the East end of the canal. I need to get permissions to widen the tunnel entrance there, in a way that is acceptable to all concerned. If anyone wants to join in and mine some free ore/lumps you are very welcome. Though i politely request that you mine upwards when the vein is nearing the end. Sometimes, very rarely, if mining level, when the vein disappears it can lower the floor, and since the area is paved we cannot fix this. Mining up will always keep the floor level with the surrounding tiles.