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  1. All other unused forms, For the Merchant, Trader, even Settlement forms, when they're are new and unplanted, they crossed the servers in your inventory. I happened to have some money on me while passing through release so bought 2 Wagoners intending to plant them in Deliverance when i returned. Now i have 2 forms stuck on release. I have seen nothing to warn me of this limitation/bug prior to purchase. Please enable unused wagoner forms to cross servers.
  2. The Blue tunnel is blocked by; [13:44:33] This is within the village of Lunafreyja's Embrace. Niarja states it was founded on 2017-11-23 by Redhawk if anyone knows Redhawk please let them know i'd like their help.
  3. Pilgrims Gate, North bypass is complete. the two sandstone veins combined gave 14,704 shards, so i should have enough to last a few months! Next, i will have a look at the red/blue tunnels, maybe put in some deeds to remove reinforcements and widen the entrances if required.
  4. I was just looking at this 30 mins ago. My north deed around pilgrims gate has a highway waystone. we just need to run up through the red/blue tunnels and iirc widen their mouths. ...and clear 2 VGood sandstone and 1 Good Copper in the north part of pilgrim bypass tunnel. I took out the crappy ql copper last week and hope to start on the last copper vein soon The sandstones are on deed but all non citizens have vein mining permissions. it'd be a shame to waste the high quality copper/sandstone with my non-prem mining alt army, but i will if nobody wants it. Update: Copper veins are now gone.
  5. i got distracted linking up the green tunnel, so haven't yet had a chance to finish the north spur. Next project the blue tunnel?
  6. The green tunnel catseyes have gone green.
  7. Awesome, i was going to go there this evening and sort that! I will be going to fix the north tunnel around pilgrims gate this evening.
  8. PPM tunnel has eyes through to the green tunnel. Highway Protection West, and South are connected via PPM. The North tunnel through HPWest needs lowering and reinforcing, there are 2x sandstone 2x copper veins in there. There has been a collapse near the exit of the North tunnel which has created a tile that for some reason cannot be mined, so i'll have to fill and re-mine the area a little. There are 187 floor tiles in the Green tunnel that are not reinforced (181 on the highway path). I have laid eyes from both directions as far as i could, but have run out of support beams. we could always get 78 beams along the west line of the tunnel to get a basic link, then reinforce the rest later.
  9. I did indeed set up some deeds. we cant put a highway through pilgrims gate, he's stopping the completion i started making a tunnel to go around his deed, linking the ppm tunnel with the green tunnel, and another to the north side to join the road to the red/blue tunnels i was basically surrounding his deed making a bypass i have got about 1500 catseyes ready to go in, but i need to get back to deli and finish levelling and reinforcing the mine floor.
  10. Agreed, Some trees are evergreen, Fir, Pine, etc. Some are deciduous, Birch, Maple, Fruit trees, etc. Then of course you have the semi-deciduous like the olive that only drops it's leaves in extreme cold. Currently the hazelnut and grape bushes shed. (and probably other bushes i haven't noticed) But there should be a more realistic winter graphic for the fully deciduous trees at least.
  11. There are some people who say wurm's graphics are old and outdated. I simply do not agree with this opinion. One of the reasons I chose wurm over every other game because i felt it had more realistic graphics. Please Devs, for the love of all things sensible; if you do any updated interface/graphics, don't fall into the trap of making things 'cartoon style'. I love this game how it is in Winter .... Spring, Summer and Autumn.
  12. really i would hope the 30 day decay timer should be reset when on deed and only start again as it leaves. i do feel it's an unfair expense to have to take 5-10% more goods than required 'just incase' it happens before you make the trade. but at least it doesn't get a tick on deed, which it used to do for many many years. so something is better than nothing i suppose.
  13. South Deli connected highways Wyldemore also links to GD but i haven't marked it cos i wasn't party to making it. I'm going to be working on the green tunnel to PPM, soon(tm) Also, another redesign to the PPM tunnel is in progress because Pilgrims Gate expanded over the tunnel while it was in progress, so cannot be completed. Deeds have been placed to stop this happening again and to aid work in the tunnel.
  14. Maybe OP should make it only work on Freedom. There must be a way to check what type of server you're on and limit it to PvE.
  15. I removed the mod and the connecting error came back. i'll keep the mod in for a while.