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  1. But what makes it wrong at the end of the day of nothing was done wrong and an item was bought. And in a way tuga did kinda complain about the merchant by claiming it to be a personal merchant. The merchant is still owned by him but an item was bought off of it. Then tuga first comments were calling the buyer a thief, while clearly he was not. The issue is with your last paragraph about it being hard to give something back. I am willing to bet you your instances did not end up with a player calling you out as a thief in public and you giving back items and becoming best friends. And are you guaranteed to become friends. Did the owner ask how much he could possibly pay to obtain it back perhaps a 50% market value or any offer whatsoever? These are all questions no one knows about but yet so many comments are made, mostly by the same old names I have seen vocally for a few years. I could point out someone's reputation on this thread as a reseller has also been very questionable at times but again does it really make it wrong. That is the reason why I come full circle to asking about why the owner choose a merchant over what appears there are other options for large secure item storage.
  2. Without knowing the full stories it's hard to determine how much fault there ought to be for all parties involved, this includes the claiming victims. I have seen and heard of many worst cases in game and on these forms for years on related stuff and again worst then what is stated here. Why is it when issues like this or similar are discovered the entire community doesn't cause an uproar towards the game to create some sort of fix for it? But instead mud slinging starts by players who have probably done something questionable in their past or even present. I guess I have heard and seen many suggestions and crys about secure storage but merchants have become what players have resorted to because of the lack of another option.
  3. It would be nice to see players from both clusters be able to carry over skills. I realize this could not be done without some skill modification with could result in a little loss. There seem to be a lot of stranded players on epic who would like an option without having to start from ground zero.
  4. I feel very much the same. The statement what what we want it to be somewhat scares me. I hope there is discussion about proposed changes with details as to why and what is trying to be achieved by the change. I also hope we as players weight in with similar detailed responses. Wurm team ram should send out emails to all past subscribers about the discussions so the many sideliners could possibly weight in as well.
  5. choices

    So you think options within a path gives a better choice that adds to the system? Can I ask what is the difference between meditation and paths then at that point? How I see it is if you go this route you kill what paths have always been about, you remove a real choice and replace it with multi meditation choices that are no longer really affected as to which path but now by which ability, it would probably be easier to remove paths altogether if the multi choice idea comes into play because essentially that what multi choices does. When players choose a path currently they are making many choices already, where there med spot will be, which abilities they will unlock at certain level, they already make choices based on the paths abilities. Are you are trying to achieve the possibility of differences based on multi choices which are unlocked at levels to add variation per path per players choices? Will the new extra abilities coincide with what each path currently is about just a few extra options? And how will you handle balance between the paths in terms of pvp where there is no replacement for damage reduction? When will we see some more detailed comments made by the dev team about the direction rather then many of the vague comments currently made? With these changes will RNG be looked into and code in a failsafe default skill increase for the many RNG failures? And lastly will these changes take care of one of the biggest issues with Meditation which happens to be it takes to long to get any useable benefits unless you sink min 6 months up to 1 year into skilling before any noticeable difference?
  6. choices

    Why would an entire system be scrapped now after all these years of being told this was all intended? there are obvious issues with the balance with meditation paths compared to path of insanity in terms of pvp. But why would the dev team want to scrap the system for one that would kill what this game is about? If the the wurm team feels because they don't know how to balance sotg vs all other paths that changes need to be made well then making the system like a WOW or LIF system is not the way to go. It would be nice to "unlock" abilities or the affectivness per level but this suggestion which it seems some devs find interesting where players will be able to customize their path take away so much of what this game has been about. At that point you might as well just add hit points being deducted from players as they get hit and quests to kill 500 tigers everyday. Currently paths have a uniqueness to them that they are all different and they all add something or else there would not be players in all different paths running around freedom. Perhaps on pvp servers that might be a different story but why would the dev team not work on seeing where the issue lies with what they currently have instead of brainstorming another half year project? There re have been many great ideas in this thread but the greatest one is the concept and not the actual ideas from my point of view. The concept which is start the abilities early on the paths and with each level reach new potencies of your ability and as you get higher in levels new abilities open with again the chance to increase the potency by continuing to level up in paths. This could also help and give a reason to reach beyond level 11.
  7. It's about time a change like this is being made. Would be nice to see lower levels getting some love. Let's see how long it takes before we see some actual balance to the rest of meditation.
  8. No actually, I never had any intentions to keep the suit really. And from the looks of it the QL seems roughly the same as when I had it. Also as far as being impossible to imp, that is 100% not true at all simply because you can bring a party over to chaos to do hota if you really wanted to, or ask around privately to see who would sell you a small lump. Not everyone cares to have a monopoly on moonmetals. I'm not saying it will be easy but surely not impossible either.
  9. I find it funny how there are still players questioning the legitimacy of the suit. As I have already told the story once, the suit was acquired upon stumbling into an unlocked MR cave, MR claimed it to be illegally stolen to which it was not. A GM was involved with the case in which logs were provided to show there was no such thing as logging into an MR account to loot the cave, the logs proved the armor was looted along with many other items. I am sorry if that is not what you want to hear but that is exactly how it happened. I then proceeded to use it on Freedom for about a month before putting it up for sale. It is a very nice suit of armor, and in rarity it is probably one of the most rare suits made. The suit is not made for all, but i am sure there are few who can make use of it. Good luck with the sale.
  10. But the dmg it absorbs is very very nice.
  11. At least I am willing to give someone a chance to buy it outside of only 2 kingdoms who have a monopoly oh such items.
  12. A few offers have come in for 1.5g but to be honest, its worth more to me then that. So I may just parade around Freedom with it.
  13. Or from someone with stock of own.
  14. I think so. I can tell you small test at least twice better then regular plate.
  15. Private messages 2 offers for 1.5g. I think more worth then 25s