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  1. Relogging has fixed it but you shouldn't really have to relog for simple skill/stat updates to take effect.
  2. So I have just hit 50 Mind Logic (50.0015) and to my understanding this should give me an extra action to queue, the crafting window is trying to tell me I have 6 now but as soon as I hit right arrow to use the additional queue it reverts back to 5. [19:21:46] You have just received the title 'Logician'! [19:21:46] You improve the ship transporter a bit. [19:21:46] The ship transporter could be improved with a log. [19:22:46] You may now queue 5 actions This seems to be just a case of the crafting window not updating correctly as I can queue the 5 using the crafting window, then one extra action using the normal menu route.
  3. Words fail me right now, Tich pretty much conquered this game and then went out to make it so much better. I am glad I was able to do my little bit on the indy highway. Rest in Peace Tich, have fun in the sandbox in the sky!
  4. Just noticed with the new 1.6 Client that if you have a flooded mine the water reflections are for outside not inside the mine. Water detail: High Water reflections: Sky & Terrain Terrain Detail:High Sky Detail: Medium Cave Detail:High Running an NVidia GTX 750Ti with Driver Ver 391.35
  5. Is anyone using the Modloader with ? I have tried disabling various mods but nothing seems to work. I just cant get the server up with mods enabled. Log attached:-
  6. Something I listened to at the end of the JK home era and when i was starting freebears at the start of the freedom isles era
  7. Thanks Steve, yes these are all the settings I have set, will do some more investigation tomorrow.
  8. This error has now been resolved, seems it was actually a DB issue. I re-downloaded the server, re-applied the previous settings and eh-voila it came up. Just have to figure out why it cant contact login server now
  9. I am trying to set up a second server to connect to our existing server, have gone through the wiki tutorial which was great help. First server works fine and has been for ages, loading up the second server with the Adventure database and I get the following error: That's a really unhelpful error message, my best guess is there maybe a database issue with kingdoms, but where it is and how to fix it I have no idea.
  10. Firstly I would have a go at updating the SSD firmware from here:- http://www.adata.com/en/ssd/download/136 Secondly I would either change the SATA cable or at least try changing which SATA port your using just to rule out any issues with ports or cables.
  11. Try the Beta (1.16?) version of the Server Mod https://github.com/ago1024/WurmServerModLauncher/releases/tag/v0.16-beta1
  12. New production server released today, old server mod wont work, assuming we have to use the Beta version till you can catch up.
  13. Under the Wurm compatibility options, disable GLSL shader support
  14. Also bear in mind the blade smithing vs main weapon smithing skill, have at a few hundred blades does help with a few points of the main skill.