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  1. Well by tommorrow guys I should be sending a pm to whoever I picked but thanks for all the replys. That's the main reason I rejoined because everyone helps out, If I don't join your deed i'll keep it in mind incase the one I join doesn't work out. Hope to see some of you tommorrow. Navek.
  2. thanks for all the replys guys, still debating!
  3. Hey i'm just getting back into Wurm, its been 6+ months since i've played because i've had a busy year but I think i'm ready to play again. I'm just looking for a deed, settlement or even just a home to work with a small or large group of people in this great game i'm willing to play on every PVE server but I may try PVP but I have never played on a PVP. Anyway i'm not to picky just looking for a more casual, easygoing group to join. Hoping for lots of replys! PS. I've never gone premuim so i will have basic skills. If i find a group that sticks I'm willing to go Prem.
  4. Starting Wurm again!