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  1. Similar thing happened to me last night and I wasn't able to log back in. I've just fired up the client now and notice that it seems to be patching a big patch, for what that's worth. ETA: I'm in.
  2. Oh yeah, I found a dog on test who was labeled as a mature horse.
  3. I feel... very disturbed and icky... because of the sounds my female avatar now makes while fighting. It is not immersive when I sound like I'm hugely enjoying being mauled by a bear. Then again the men sound like they're having a poo, so at least it's not only half the population being embarrassed...
  4. If you want lots of open space and mobs, look at the map, take the highway somewhere, and then get off the highway and travel away from it. I rode from Myst Water Oasis (X26,Y17) north to Reddit and then west to get to Blossom the other day. The east-west highway between Reddit and Haven is pretty developed, but the north-south bit between Reddit and Myst Water is quite barren in places. If you don't mind some terraforming you can turn a patch of desert into dirt and build there. There are lots of mobs up the sides of the mountain, mostly mountain lions, spiders, scorpions, and unicorns.
  5. This thread can be closed, someone brought her back. Thanks, whoever you are.
  6. It's my own fault, I left it unmoored at Blossom Market during the impalong. It's gone. It's locked so I guess that means people can't open it (and I don't think I had anything in it anyways) but it could be sailing around anywhere. It's my ticket home, so if you could please return it to Blossom Market I'd be much obliged, no questions asked. Owner is Burnet and maker is Exene.
  7. http://prntscr.com/24xhxk Hey, whatcha doin' on the cobbles, oldster? Rolling? Nope, you're not rolling. In fact you're not moving at all. Hey, get up, it's feeding time. Get up...
  8. I think I'm getting that same bug. Congratulations, you found a bug in the test client: <Unable to link program (program.skin_tex0.7_light): class.jO: Vertex info
  9. Selling comic books on Ebay. Cleaning the bathroom. Reading Reddit. Messing with the Lord of the Rings Online beta (woo hoo NDA dropped!).
  10. I'm missing two horses and a large cart in the southeast of Pristine. They were an aged bay mare named Silverbelle and a mature grey stallion named Flealightning. One or both of them are branded for Seaside Oasis. Not sure if there was a server crash over the weekend, but I had left them hitched in my paddock (offdeed near the village) and they're gone. Let me know if you've spotted them. Thanks. ETA: this can be closed, they're found.
  11. Lol, the carebear thing. If I understand correctly, carebear is a derogatory term for someone who helps other players, whether it's offering advice, offering materials or land or a village to join, or mediating disputes between people who are supposed to be allies. This is a game that requires community and is stupidly hard to solo, especially on PvP. Make enemies and you don't last very long. Trash-talk is one thing, but shaming people who try to keep a game fun by being friendly or standing up against bullying is all kinds of nasty.
  12. PvP is not for kids, or for people who know they are emotionally sensitive to verbal abuse and trash-talk, or for people who think everyone else in the game is going to be trustworthy and look out for each other. When you're playing a PvP game you have to be aware of how the rules work and what other players are allowed to do to you within the context of the game. It sounds like Bashur's kid has never done PvP before and doesn't know what it entails. I feel bad for him, but if he doesn't understand some basic concepts of how to be "street smart" in a PvP situation (why was he outside the village if he wasn't strong enough to fight other players, etc.) then he needs to learn them or people are going to keep taking advantage of him. Trash-talk is a separate issue, but it's going to happen in PvP. I haven't experimented with the practicality of putting an enemy player on /ignore in PvP but I can't imagine it being a good idea. So you have to desensitize yourself to the talk or just not chat in certain channels. Bashur, if you're going to have kids playing in your alliance, and you want to make sure they have a good time in the game and don't get the worst of these kinds of behaviour, it's probably your prerogative to help them learn how to stay safe and not take the game too personally.
  13. Yeah that's annoying. I thought the sleep bonus was for the players who can't spend all their time gaming, and login server problems look the same as game server problems when you haven't been logged in all day. If SB fills are the way they compensate premium players for lost gaming time due to server crashes, this is just as worthy an event...
  14. Sorry

    Maybe we'll all wake up to find some extra SB in our stockings...