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  1. closed

    Starting bid is still too high.
  2. please close

    I'm all for an hour or two extension. Would give everyone a fair chance through this confusion.
  3. please close

    I'm a fake bidder? You do not know me or what I do. If retracting my bid is a problem, I will be happy to honor my bid. The only reason I cancelled it is because I just bought a drake set and now low on coin. I'm about to purchase some more coin now so consider my bid good. It's worth 25s to me just to prove you wrong. Get your facts together before you start name shaming and throwing around accusations. All I have ever seen from you is drama. You should start taking a second to think before you just post some rant on-the-fly. It really doesn't help your persona.
  4. I would think this account would be in the 275-350e price range.
  5. please close

    Received, thank you!
  6. 10s for a 94ql awl with both 90's cast seems like a fair deal to me. 7.5s seem like a real low ball offer considering blank ones sell for 4-5s.