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  1. one small rectification on the video, the road connecting to rome is actually done all the way to the junction, not where i said it was.
  2. for the last month or so a lot of activity was going on somewhere between Greymead and Rome, as a mountain was climbed, carved and conquered, and a new road emerged. a highway that avoids all the clay on the coast, connect Greymead and Rome, and with that the rest of the highway system. first i heard of this was when Ajala posted some pictures in the highway protection post, and looking at those pictures i had a feeling i knew who was working on that. so i hitched my horses to the cart and rode out, only to find the madness that is an angled road through a mountain i used to ride around. this road is now finished! the following people were the workers during the process : Tich, Keyos, Trooperau, Ajala, Mortommes, Cerber, and myself. its been a mad couple ofweeks, and from my own perspective, since i had to go back to deed from time to time .. everytime i returned more had happened, sometimes when i was on site the next day i logged on the whole landscape had changed again over night. since pictures tell a thousand words, i figured i will take those pictures, add even more words, and ride the damn road for your viewing pleasure :
  3. small update on the greymead to rome road : and a view from the bottom up
  4. ehh dont know about genius lol but yay
  5. will be joining as well with 2 priests as warm bodies for the other priests, and myself for Blacksmithing carp finecarp, and whatever else is needed. can donate some extra iron 1k @75ql and some veggies to chop up and sac, Priests are willing and able 100 faith Vyn (Wakaremasen) and Fo(Apollonia) batteries. ( just dont make me do deal or no deal again ) Dredbanger
  6. Whitefay is now connected to Greymead albeit through weird wonders. the connection is there. not ideal but im pretty sure the wagoner wont mind the detours
  7. well that answers one question, next question .. when will it be back
  8. so, about 20 minutes after it was known the wagoneers are in the traders, Xanadu crashed.. any other servers gone as well ?
  9. after the first fix double click examine and targeting was back, after the second fix, its yet again borked
  10. so with the new patch double clicking something to examine or target is no longer functional it seems. cant double click a creature to attack it or an altar to examine it.
  11. as i am dragging in a few new players into wurm, we ran into a small bug, where the player in question was able to plan a 1x1 shack with 2 carpentry ( he didnt try to finalize at that time ). he also added another tile to the shack at 5 carp i asked him to try and finalize, he wasnt able to but the fact he could plan it is somewhat off. had this posted in CA help and it was suggested i report it here. as this was not my own character i do not have any screenshots. still worthy of a report.. greetings Dredbanger
  12. emerald highway up to g19 wonders alliance has been linked up to whitefay.
  13. they do, ive just finished doing my bridges across the ageless lake
  14. located at G20, easily accessible coming from whitefay going north or docking near Weird wonders and going east up the emerald way
  15. 2 weeks later i have regular access again still confused as why this happened but oh well [closed]
  16. nothing is loading at all, it doesnt work on my pc or my phone from home, but it does on any other pc not on this ip. ive changed up dns servers to see if that would fix it. pinging the website gives me the website ip so i can see it. and tracert just sends me on a wild goosechase around the world.
  17. since a few days i cant access the forum via my normal ip anymore. currently accessing via a proxy. im wondering whether ive been accidentally ipbanned. clearly my forum account is not suspended and i can play the game no problem. accessing the forums however is not possible and has been for the last week or so. id highly appreciate it if someone could solve this. ( dns works fine and i can ping the server.. but i dont have access, also i have a fixed ip. with regards Dred
  18. Xan down

    i can confirm my hamster no longer looks wellfed
  19. before the mayhem commences
  20. please add, [4875-2335.5] Weird Wonders [4711-2357.5] Isle of Wonders [5517-1412.125] Ageless Lake Seaside Entrance ( by best approximation .. theres a mountain in the way ) and from [5517-1412.125] to [5351, -1482.5] the Ageless Tunnel ( heritage site ) [5525-1367] Covenant has been Disbanded
  21. its a pleasure driving there , before the bridges that road was more like an "oh ###### i dont wanna fall off"1 tile road in the mountainside.
  22. +1 for the simple reason i travel a lot with my Fo priestess but sometimes i cant go past a blocked tunnel. would like to be able to at least remove such a blockade
  23. hellhorses you can fix with humid drizzle.
  24. confirmed .. disease did not get removed after casting full heal with Fo spell on others either.