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  1. There doesn't seem to be a way to insert a video, so I'll just drop in the link: Kind of reminds of a mandelbrot set animation or something similar.
  2. I think this is an old issue, but it still seems to be around. I forget if there was a technical reason for it that couldn't be fixed, but I thought I'd just bring it up again. That's definitely not a violet catapult.
  3. I guess this is a server bug. It is on Golden Valley, so I doubt it is important. Nearish the rift site.
  4. ~30QL mallet, oak CoC68 - 76 copper CoD to Robbiecrusoe, please. Thanks.
  5. (1) - GLSL enabled. Rare pinewood cart. Dye= 13,13,13 (decent black) (1) - GLSL disabled. (2) - GLSL Disabled. Cedarwood cart. 74,8,134 (indigo) (2) - GLSL enabled.
  6. From the 'Breaking News' thread: As this is such a large work, we currently plan this in a few stages, with more coming out each stage, so stay tuned for that to come
  7. I wish I'd seen this earlier. I was using stealth on Release while afk and logged off. Now I can't see Alliance members' names in Alliance chat and they can't see mine. Although I can still chat there. Kind of like when a new member joins the alliance and can't be seen until they relog. Only relog doesn't help me.
  8. Saddled and swimming out in front of my deed for a while now. Lightningecker and Strongkaden [15:08:15] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Fire Heart. (both) G25 on the ingame map.
  9. Water comes in all colours. Some of the most enticing tourist destinations feature emerald green water.