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  1. Rift 02.05

    Bring me back a souvenir!! A keychain or a Rift 2.05 poster will work
  2. 48ql metal medium shield Stone chisel cod to Sigared
  3. +1 I just now started using Deep Planner and have made 4 houses in it and i keep running into the same pattern of wall and floor design. I would love to see nice red or green carpet added to build options
  4. Here's some stuff i have filling up my bank account, Rare full Iron Lump, Rare Oregano, Rare Hull Plank, Supreme 5c coin... Interested in any one?
  5. Did you find someone O.P.?
  6. I have a rare hull plank and... *drum roll* .... Rare kindle PC?
  7. Rift sounds fun if the next one is near me I might just have to make a little trip to see. I think a big fishing trip would be pretty cool too!! Get 26 people, w.e. the max is, and sail around looking for the honey hole Where are you currently building at @Sila? Maybe you could post in freedom and get a couple players to come out and help build I'm getting a little sick of my cave and could use the company *glares at Wilson over in the corner*
  8. Okay... I guess we can Chalk that Up to a Community event. What else? Does anyone have any Sermons going on they want to promote? I read about one going on in Glassholow a while ago, not sure if that's still a thing though... I'm really excited to see a big Hunting Party started, Like 5 large carts following 10 mounted hunters combing through the wilderness, *slashes through the air with a stick sword*... Honestly, see people get together for any reason will make me happy... But i'll push for killing stuff over building stuff always
  9. Rare Large Oakshield(coc69) 5s + Rare Maul(all them enchants) 7s?
  10. What is the next big thing going on for Xanadu? Anyone have any new ideas for a Fall or Spring event to start doing? Personally I would like to start seeing groups go out together to do missions, People who are trying to get up Karma, or people who need their Village Perks increased. I also would like to know if there are any Community building events going on? I recently got Carp up to 50 so I'd like to put it to good use... Please Comment Ideas, Thoughts, Plans, Dreams, or Aspirations... Thank you P.S. Troll King.. Are we going to hunt him down?
  11. Is still a go? I'd love to go!
  12. It's yahoo, and I've forgotten my security question... if you know any way to contact yahoo by phone or any other way, please let me know. I've been trying for the last week.