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  1. wanting a second merchant, presently been trying to buy one for 7.8s

  2. looking to buy a merchant if one is available

  3. dude leave freedom alone unless you wqant to kill that too screwing up epic would be bad enough, with already low players, theres not many to hurt making the main population be scrunched up and live in "apartment" spacing, would have them leave they went to freedom for the "safe zone" to make a pretty deed just go join your brethren on freedom and stop trying to ruin the game because its not horsch style
  4. i like the epic cluster not for the skillgains, rather for the fact if i dont like someone or they do something against me i can simply kill them. i call this the kick your arse effect. EDIT: go back to freedom
  5. [13:35:43] Body increased by 0.000 to 58.434 is a curious tick that doesnt seem to be affecting just me and seems harmless. Skilltracker is still lighting up when a tick is gained. Edit: my ticks are set to all so it should show [13:35:43] Body increased by 0.000??? to 58.434???.
  6. You can already have a pick activated to see "flat" listed on mouse over of a tile. Also you can, with a pick, choose to flatten a tile to the lowest corner where you can then add Xconcrete to each corner to achieve a target height.
  7. I never had a problem with avatars but all i see is a mostly dull white screen with no friends list anywhere i look. Edit: And i can't fathom why the dividers between posts was removed.
  8. First off, it looks like ass. Second, wheres the friends list?
  9. so anything against your point is bad? nothing can oppose you or your ideal? edit: whats with these trolls suiciding on my axe? (ingame reference)
  10. It helps when you dont keep instigating what someone said in this unmoderated chat. All it was in the beginning was a joke that you couldnt comprehend as one, which put you in a nasty mood. Personally i think that before you try to get someone in trouble, you should learn to handle a joke first.
  11. -1 missions arnt safe on home server because at any moment a raid might be coming through. if they arnt then thats not our fault.
  12. con-there will be safe places to hide things unless i misunderstood the topic some and what rules would there be? will i have to cease bashing a fence thats still intact although decayed?
  13. +1 Gift wrapping if exploiting for decay prevention, just remove the exploit not the feature.
  14. And whose fault is it that you didnt pay attention? Normally a popup like that insinuates "read me". If you just dash it away in the name of clearing your screen then your saying yes to that which you didnt read. A good example is user agreements that we have all ignored, too lazy to read it.
  15. perm system is fine as is, although it could have been implemented with less initial impact