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  1. According to the wiki: "To activate the tracker enter the in-game options screen (default key is Esc) and select Skill tracker." However, in the game, it's not in the main menu. I had to ask in CA Help, where I was told to go to the Hud Settings in the main menu. Thought I'd point this out to anybody who could update the wiki page.
  2. /me checks time on computer: 4:13 PM, Tuesday, February 24, 2015 ... /me looks at opening post again... /me is confused. Must be quite the time difference... or you just posted right after midnight.
  3. Impalong?

    We had one last year... I think maybe around Thanksgiving.
  4. If we are welcome to see for ourselves, what server are you on, and where are you on that server?
  5. Oh, Deliverence (saw your profile)
  6. Most of those creatures wouldn't Fo priest with the right conditions, so wish I could have watched.
  7. After going over to help clean-up meals from a pan-filler employer, I've often seen piles of meals exceeding 100... today I tried to experiment with it, and it seems it is a repeatable bug that may be worth reporting. # What happened I dropped items (50+) while walking, and for me, a small percentage of the dropped meals fell into the tile that already had over 100 items. # What you expected to happen The items to drop onto a tile not fully littered, or not dropping at all. # Steps to reproduce Drop many items as you cross the tile border onto a tile that is fully littered... I'm not technical enough to understand how to control lag, but if anybody can control lag, they may be able to drop an entire stack of items
  8. Holy Crop (Fo)

    I just recently hit 55 faith, so why not. Count me in.
  9. Completely forgot about this topic back when I became a priest... Kaas Fo priest 55 faith Located at Garden of Shadows (x26 y8)
  10. ... you haven't been on the forums these last few days, have you?
  11. Post progress on your boat here.

  12. Current Project: Cog

    1. KaasChuig


      [23:36:58] You see a cog under construction. Ql: 3.9199128, Dam: 0.0. The cog needs 197 tenon, and 150 peg, and 163 hull plank to be finished.

  13. maybe it was just lag... doors won't open if you are being hit by a sudden lag spike... I've been trapped in my house for a good while before thanks to lag...
  14. Oh, I've been using casseroles (been working on fishing and foraging/botanizing) for the pigs.
  15. So when I log in, am I going to find all the deed's dogs and pigs dead from starvation?