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  1. Thanks, updated the links.
  2. Thanks, updated with new map + forum links for Celebration and Release.
  3. Sure, where's the current one?
  4. Updated with new map links for Deliverance and Release.
  5. Some Paving skill tips can be found in this thread.
  6. Sheep Panic!

    Sacrificial lambs of course.
  7. Just a few clarifications: This suggestion is about building houses on clay tiles, it is not about destroying clay tiles. It's not currently possible to plan a building on a (flat) clay tile. It apparently used to be possible to do this before multi-story houses came around, so maybe it's just a bug that currently prevents it.
  8. Ok, I've checked to make sure and it's definitely not possible to plan a building on a flat clay tile on deed. There are no other obstacles such as walls, houses or fences and planning on a slab tile next to the clay works fine. Illustration: Maybe this is actually supposed to work and Multistory houses broke it?
  9. Uhm, I didn't get the option on a flat clay tile, while I did get it on slab and cobblestone paving right next to it. I'll try again in a bit to confirm, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't possible.
  10. Getting lost, learning your way around and player made maps are some of the best things about Wurm. If you want accurate maps, there's the official map dumps already. I for one was glad they weren't released until after I got oriented on the new Release server, as I've had great fun walking around (often repeatedly and soon without a compass) and wondering if I'd reached the coast yet or just a really big lake and constantly worrying that I'd gotten turned around and was going in a direction different from the one I aimed for at the last settlement token. If craftable maps were to be implemented, they should be tied to a "Cartography" skill and be horribly inaccurate at low skill, much like you'd expect from a hand-drawn map made from memory and running around looking at the landscape. I imagine that sort of thing to be kind of hard to code (making it artificially inaccurate) and a bit silly when you can just alt-tab to MSPAINT.EXE and draw your crude map right there.
  11. With Release having so much Clay, it occasionally happens that nice settlement spots have a few clay tiles right in the middle of them. Making clay destructible would be one solution to this problem, but a more moderate approach would be to let us plan a building on clay, which is currently not possible (the option doesn't show up on clay tiles). Previously this didn't make sense as you wouldn't want to walk on clay in your house, but now that houses can have floors independent of the tile underneath, it should be possible to plan a house on a flat clay tile. Optionally this could be limited to on-deed tiles only, to prevent others from building a house to block access to clay (but then there are already several other ways to block clay access for the so inclined). It might also be tied to requiring your house to have a floor (although the slow walking speed on clay should be encouragement enough for that). P.S.: To pre-empt the usual "you deeded clay you bastard" posts, yes, I've deeded a couple clay tiles because they were in the middle of a nice spot. I've then raised some off-deed clay from the ocean floor, built a causeway and stuck a "Public Clay Pit" sign on it. I feel that to be fair, as I haven't blocked anyone from a local clay deposit (not that there aren't several more around anyways).
  12. Awesome, thanks. I should be around Sunday afternoon/evening (EU times), so say hi
  13. Here's a simple colour replaced version that shows most underwater clay (pink) and tar (cyan). Tar deposits are quite small, so zoom in.
  14. Spirit castle at Blackburrow needs some spirits installed in it. I have no coin to offer, but I do have a couple gems and you can also have whatever rares I have laying around if you want them. I'm reachable by boat at 57/AU: Update: Kediec has kindly offered to travel around Release and enchant mailboxes. From his post below: