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  1. Can you say which version of Deedplanner this is supposed to work with? I've tried with DeedPlanner 2.9.x (multiple versions) and 2.6.5 with no luck. The link in the post seems to hint at version 2.6.6, so I was hoping 2.6.5 was close enough.. With all of them this tool say the map files are out of date. All I would like to do is generate a large empty map in Deedplanner (I don't care what version) and then paste several exported neighbor villages into the same map. The exported maps are currently loading fine.
  2. Forest Giant Slaying

    I arrived early and set up a small safe area for alts at the cherry trees. No tundra was harmed in the process. Approaching from N14 does indeed seem to be much shorter, but involves going off-road a little.
  3. This is sad to see. I hope everyone realize this can only be done if you use some very cheesy strategies - what most will consider exploits. I hope we will get a statement from staff on whether this is acceptable behavior. If it is it will mean the rest of us will have to adjust our strategies accordingly. It would also be good to hear an official word on whether the *very questionable* unique fight strategies Sindusk discussed on his channel a while back are considered fair game or exploits.
  4. Auctioning 1804 olives at 65.10 quality. Make superior compasses or just grind your beverage skill! Pickup at i18 or delivery to central Harmony (including Heartland/HB) or the north coast. Starting Bid: 10s Increments: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: none Auction runs for 3 days.
  5. Thanks for listening to the all of us that said that non-overfill favor should be added as it was before. That saved this from being a huge nerf and all around s***show. Currently the overfill mechanic is completely useless and pointless, at least for PvE. It sounds like with the proposed balance changes it could be marginally useful, at least from a QoL point of view of not having to calculate favor exactly (meaning non-bsb items are more relevant). That's good at least. If you knew this needed balancing and you had a proposed fix ready this fast after getting feedback then why on earth didn't you put it on the test server first like *everyone* requested in the announcement thread.. The point still remains. Reduced sacrifice timer is a very small buff (at least for priests without links). The favor overfill is a nice quality-of-life improvement, but hardly a buff in the grand scheme of things. This does not in any way balance the nerfs to linking that was done earlier. I hope you will consider mechanic changes that actually buff priest skill gains (and more quality-of-life improvements will be welcome too of course).
  6. I'm reminded of how Hollywood releases movies.. If they know it's a great movie, they'll let people watch it in limited release and make sure word of mouth gets out. If they know it's a stinker they won't even let reviewers watch it ahead of time and instead just dump it on an unsuspecting audience.
  7. Thanks for the answer.
  8. Better late than never. What's the status on blood/potions from uniques once we start killing those? Will they be broken until this rebalance? Or just not dropping/being craftable until then?
  9. You can send me a message on Sprockerella if you need help getting to the deed. I can pick up people at J18 on the highway between Heartland and Harmony Bay. Or I can help with guidance finding the deed.
  10. Sounds good. From the other thread it sounds like LeafLike and ChampagneDragon/Chloris would like to take part in the cast.
  11. Our alliance has two Fo priests who would like to join a cast. Both at 100 faith. We can cast with 40+ channeling, but others may be higher.
  12. I'm surprised it can be explained that quickly!
  13. This sounds like you intend it to be a quality-of-life change, but possibly with a hidden agenda. However your proposed changes sounds like it would actually be a nerf in most situations and only situationally beneficial in a few situations. If you want this to be an actually quality of life improvement then make it simple: - Favor from sacrifice goes into your favor pool as before. - Any overflow that doesn't fit in the favor pool goes into a buffer. - If favor drops below max while there's favor in the buffer it gets gradually added at each favor tick. - Favor from buffer should be added to favor relatively quickly or it would be useless for skilling with sleep bonus. - Buffer should have a fair, but relatively high cap and stored favor should expire if favor pool has been full for more than a few minutes. - If you want to add some balance then maybe make faith in the buffer gradually decay over time. This decay could be different on PvE vs. PvP servers if you're concerned about PvP balance. - Maybe the size of your buffer should scale with character faith (or some other relevant stats). This would work exactly the same as before if you sacrifice less than your favor pool can hold. And it would give us some convenience to avoid constant sacrifice. If you're worried about balance in PvP, then please make if so it's balanced differently on PvE servers. If you want to go further with quality of life changes to sacrifice then I would suggest looking into valuation of common items. Right now a lot of items are close to worthless making us focus on sacrificing the few items that make sense. Now that traders don't buy items anymore it could make sense to overhaul the algorithm a bit. It also doesn't help that some priests (Vynora, Mag) don't have good sacrifice items that fit into a bsb, making a lot of people chose items that fit their faith. An overflow buffer would help with that, but it's still not ideal.