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  1. I think Retro deserves some credit for the streaming community he has been building up. Honestly, I think they should focus on trying to convert WU to WO. I thought that was the intention of WU, but I feel like the ball got massively dropped. There needs to be many reasons for a WU player to want to play on WO. I lost my whole village to WU... 8+ people (and alts) that consistently paid monthly to play Wurm moved to Unlimited, because there was no incentive to keep playing online. Reasons I play Online over Unlimited: The Economy, which is so broken, I've thought about going back to unlimited. The Wagoner AND THAT'S IT!
  2. RIP This was painful to read this morning. I was really looking forward to Tich's next feature...
  3. A spell that slows the decay of items over time, use damage still applies normally. Would be most useful on lanterns decaying in inventory.
  4. Its based on quality. The higher the quality of the item, the more the name you can see. Just imp the item back up to see who made it.
  5. Elysian Fields

    I believe its a 2k map. I have already set crops to not rot. There is a starter deed where you can work on your skills. Already 4 or 5 people playing. Settlements have upkeep and mobs give bounties. Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking of increasing the aggressive mobs as the server pop grows.
  6. Hello, I am setting cropmod.config to: # true: prevent crops from growing to weeds disableWeeds=true But crops are still dying. Any hints?
  7. Elysian Fields

    Elysian Fields 1.5x skill gain Mods still being decided. Just opened the server, come join us for an adventure.
  8. It would be cool if the animal would follow you instead of you riding on the cart.
  9. Dredge Barge Has no sails. Moves slowly with wasd. Commander can look down through a hole to see the bottom (where they are dredging). Can hold 10-12 large crates.
  10. Its a bit of a hike for me to travel to help, but if you need donations for materials like bricks. I can certainly donate by wagoner.
  11. Going to be some new and fun things to do!
  12. Cant you just use large crates for dirt? Its so easy to move them now with place.... You dont even need a wagon.
  13. You can select a destination on the boat and it will take you to the opposite border of selected destination.
  14. I have experience working with Aws servers if you want a volunteer. We could also look at offloading animal scripts to lambda. There are other options as well that could improve performance.
  15. I wish the economy was stronger and I wish there was more none combat player vs player stuff. Like alliances completing Wonders or something. Other than that, it scratches a creative itch nothing else has.
  16. maybe only tiles of water 6 dirt deep freeze and all others don't. Any deeper would be a problem for boat canals.
  17. Derby of 1075

    Can a GM Stream it on twitch, would be fun to watch!
  18. Are you able to connect to it locally via the Lan?