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  1. I use a lot of powershell to automate my aws windows deployments.
  2. I am looking for a reason to start playing again, and this wasn't it. It could possibly be enjoyable if the survival depended on you banding together. So the PVE would have to be scaling and force people into a sanctuary with other players. Then there is the 6 month reset... As soon as this hits, I fear you will lose half the population and people will lose interest just as they did with Rolf last reset project... which I can't even remember the name of...
  3. Xan Wagoner Only or pickup 6k mortar for 10s
  4. We have dancing chained down tree trunks.... that kill things... people are getting bent over someone suggesting a steam train??? I would just suggest, make a wagoner that you can hire to move you. It takes you along the highway system, to other stations that are bought for silver like the wagoner. Then people can get a slow mode of transportation instead of having to travel themselves long distance. The problem you solving is people like me can't be bothered to find the time to travel 8 hours to glasshollow market. Instead, I can go to my nearest station, pay copper for a ride to glasshollow, go to bed, wake up and be at the market.
  5. Canceled

    Seems like no interest so going to pull the auction. If someone is interested in buying. PM me.
  6. Or just a stair that allows a cart?
  7. Thinking about making my exit, looking to see if it's even worth selling.
  8. I thought the same thing when I saw it was locked... Makes me sad, but probably going to let my sub lapse till I'm excited about the future again.
  9. As a long time player, I also feel very in the dark about what is currently being worked on. Just seem like you are too afraid of failure. I as a player don't care of you failing to develop a feature as long as you tell us what happened and why. For instance, if you were working on a new UI but suddenly you hit a roadblock that prevents you from completing the project, explain it in a Dev blog. You might even get feedback from the community that might help you figure it out. It honestly just doesn't feel like you trust the community that is left, even though they have kinda stuck with this game through a lot.