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  1. I for one approve of social distancing
  2. Roads in the north are looking great!
  3. This has been an issue for years. It was looked into and nothing was done.
  4. I had no idea it was you I just sold all those gems to. Welcome back old friend.
  5. This seems to be an issues that is still happening. Seems like server shutdowns reset our crops.
  6. Also, can we get an increase on the 5 character limit?
  7. Sometimes the lack of information is super annoying... What if you registered an account but did not log in?
  8. Ha.. completely forgot epic was a thing. You know because it was so popular.
  9. it still amazes me people hit the fatigue limit. I have played for 7 years and never hit it.
  10. I think its more of a venting of frustration.
  11. @Retrograde, people be shooting the messenger... I think he has done a lot with what he was given. Especially under his tenure we have a community Discord, and a group of Streamers that help promote the game at no cost.
  12. I look forward to seeing the road map.
  13. I feel like its a trend in the gaming industry. Eve-Online has also taken the path of no information on what is currently being worked on. And it creates no hype and people get bored with no idea what the future holds. As a developer myself, this kinda of silence on future products always kind of irks me. I understand that everyone says, well we didn't want to fail to deliver. But, my response is so what? Just explain why you went another path. To explain the reason why to constantly tell people whats in the pipe line and provide details, I want to use Civilizations and the one more turn desire. Because you have short term, medium term and long term goals that you are trying to achieve in Civilizations game , you constantly want one more turn. When you are playing wurm, your short term goals are the things you are doing every day, your chores. Your Medium term goals are projects you can do, and are working toward. Your long term goals, are the features you are looking forward to. For me as a vet, when I was active and playing frequently, my short term goals were my daily chores, and my medium term goals was completing my deed. My long term goals were, things like, Bridges, Multi Story hosing, new building types, building in caves. When these things became medium term goals and eventually completed... I ran out of long term goals. Honestly, I haven't had a long term goal, for a long time. Tich's new fishing system was something I was looking forward to, but I was not completely thrilled with it. After that I have been kinda lost as to whats coming down the pipe and either ill informed or just lacking interest in whats being developed. Anyway, just my ramblings on this topic, do what you want with them.
  14. Not sure if this is possible, but I would make the suggestion that we have a Golden Valley Tutorial server that resets every few days back to its original condition. With the exception of the players inventories, skills etc. This would allow them to learn to build, terraform and try out mining, and they dont have to worry about making some vet angry lol. The reset will force them to move on when they are comfortable with their skills and knowledge of the game.
  15. This seems like a silly limit that needs to be changed... Since everyone just goes around it anyway.
  16. I would say keep the $8 usd per toon for the lowest option. But I think the 6 month option should maybe come down to $6 per month with 6 silver. This would allow you to be able to fund a deed and play for six months. And get more people committing to longer periods of time.
  17. I have already talked to some vets I know who are interested in coming back for a WO Steam launch, which kinda shocked me actually.
  18. Fix the UI before you do this.
  19. Didnt these things use to sell for over 1g? man what happened to the market...
  20. New lower price... any interest?
  21. If I remember correctly, deleting the graphics.jar used to fix this. But that was a while ago. It would just re download it. You could try just moving it to another folder and seeing if it re downloads.