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  1. Reminds me of off deed planting in Archage. If the game doesn't stop player from doing it, it is working as intended.
  2. Wouldn't we see calf's everywhere then? I don't see many at all.
  3. Did we really get Skelton versions of avatars before darker skin avatars.... #priorities
  4. Bricks - 1k/2s Crates Included Wagoner or Pickup Only Harmony (K14) Bulk Deals Available for orders over 5k bricks
  5. If you go to Melody you can get all the fight skill. It is just Harmony thats borked.
  6. New town?

    Maybe it is just me that's always checking the news of games to see what's coming to give me excitement about the future of the game. That is entirely possible, but lack of news and dwindling players is making me lose interest again.
  7. New town?

    I was surrounded by deeds, now they are dropping like flies. I had hopes for engaging communication about where the game was going from here. Just something to look forward to that would keep people excited and wanting to play. But lack of information has killed it for most.
  8. Still waiting on the developer road map that was supposed to come last week.
  9. Just hold shft + enter, you'll need to drag your inventory amount each time with no popup
  10. 300 catseyes added to the north side heading south. Probably 100-200 away from peat. Do we want to bridge it. Probably need someone with 80+ Masonry.
  11. I had started the section you just connected to. I'm working on making for catseyes well.
  12. 3 isn't correct either. Pvp counts too
  13. 12 isn't correct either. Epic still counts
  14. +1 for more low mobs to kill
  15. I was thinking today about the simplest way to solve this issue. When I was making mods for WU, I remember coming across logic that had mobs move -1x, -1y to much. This is what cause them to pile up in the north. If you just added a bool to the mobs in the database, say MigrationDirection and every time they hit the top the bool would flip and you would send 1x, 1y instead. This should just make the mobs go up and down until they die.
  16. It would be nice to fix mob distribution before you launch another server. I can remember having to fight mobs to survive building a highway. Now you can build with out seeing a mob for days.
  17. I for one approve of social distancing
  18. Roads in the north are looking great!
  19. This has been an issue for years. It was looked into and nothing was done.