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  1. If people are willing to pay, that's how the economy works. Let demand drive the market.
  2. Can freedom get rare drops of the special ores like gems? But rarer.
  3. Why is the small maul blue in the shield picture?
  4. Instead of new server, we should have a game mechanic that turns or reverts terraformed land back after years of neglect.
  5. They have always decayed stupidly fast.
  6. Now that we have these on items, can we get them on our houses and wood floors? Would be cool to add even more differences in building types.
  7. Retrograde: When you guys launch this, PLEASE, send out a newsletter to all the email addresses you got. I think it will bring a lot of players back to know everything you guys have added over the last year. Love what you guys are doing, keep it up.
  8. I totally see people pooping on other peoples lawns...
  9. +1
  10. Welcome to Wurm elite-ism. I have seen this countless times. The rules are Deed it or loose it. (I know because I lost land when they changed the rule) So, he can't tell you what to do on your deed.
  11. Im sure this is coming with new UI
  12. [18:49:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. Less than a day remaining!
  14. I wonder if the team has looked into servers-less computing, they could probably seriously increase performance, and possibly cut costs. AWS offers functionality they could use to make this happen.
  15. starting bid: 1s min inc: 50c Sniper Protection: 1 hour No buyout Mailed COD or pickup only