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  1. NEXAlong ** November 8 - 11, 2018 ** Summerholt

    Going to be some new and fun things to do!
  2. Just because it sucks so much

    Cant you just use large crates for dirt? Its so easy to move them now with place.... You dont even need a wagon.
  3. Crossing server borders

    You can select a destination on the boat and it will take you to the opposite border of selected destination.
  4. I have experience working with Aws servers if you want a volunteer. We could also look at offloading animal scripts to lambda. There are other options as well that could improve performance.
  5. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    I wish the economy was stronger and I wish there was more none combat player vs player stuff. Like alliances completing Wonders or something. Other than that, it scratches a creative itch nothing else has.
  6. Winter frozen Lakes

    maybe only tiles of water 6 dirt deep freeze and all others don't. Any deeper would be a problem for boat canals.
  7. Derby of 1075

    Can a GM Stream it on twitch, would be fun to watch!
  8. 6k Pottery Bricks (Xan)

  9. Cannot make a public server (stuck on LAN)

    Are you able to connect to it locally via the Lan?
  10. BUOYS!

  11. 6k Pottery Bricks (Xan)

  12. UI too small on 4K screen

    New UI Hype! Is it sad, that i havent gotten a 4k monitor because wurm wont run on it?
  13. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods Store

    Welcome to Ascorbic's Bulk Goods Store! I hate traveling by boat, so all items will be for pickup or wagoner (Xanadu) only! Wagoner Special (6k for 10s) All Items! Mortar 12k = 1k/2s Pottery Bricks 6k = 1k/2.5s SandStone Bricks 6k = 1k/2s
  14. Loved the email I got! Will the wagoner be able to ship animal crates?
  15. Future of Wurm

    As a long time Vet, i would be fine with raising level cap from 100 to 120, but the I dont think that will fix anything. The number of actions to hit 120 might be .... laughable...