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  1. Wurm VR?

    Are we getting another fresh start server to go with these new VR folks...
  2. Wurm VR?

    Its interesting how in the press release it states that VR will not take up any existing development time. So, either they hired some other company to create the VR stuff, they hired a new employee to code the VR stuff, or they are lying to us. Only time will tell which is which.
  3. VR is not something that would make me come back to the game... Might want to ask those who left why they left and what would make them come back. Exploration is good something in the right direction. I think you should look into more content for people who like to live in towns or groups. I always logged into play with town members. When they completed everything there was to do, they got bored and moved on to another game. Give us something to work toward other than town building, market building or highway building. Give us a reason to have large towns other than prayer circles...
  4. I stopped , had a lot of hope that steam launch would provide funding for quicker development. That obviously was not the case.
  5. I think the frustration for me and the reason I stopped playing is, as a Dev in the finance industry, I constantly have to show my customers what I am working on and provide status updates. Even if those updates are why we are dropping the process completely due to either it not being possible or it just being to complex an ask for the value created. Small updates on what is being done, like the fort night updates go along way to giving us the feeling of inclusion and not being in the dark.
  6. Reminds me of off deed planting in Archage. If the game doesn't stop player from doing it, it is working as intended.
  7. Wouldn't we see calf's everywhere then? I don't see many at all.
  8. Did we really get Skelton versions of avatars before darker skin avatars.... #priorities
  9. Bricks - 1k/2s Crates Included Wagoner or Pickup Only Harmony (K14) Bulk Deals Available for orders over 5k bricks
  10. If you go to Melody you can get all the fight skill. It is just Harmony thats borked.
  11. New town?

    Maybe it is just me that's always checking the news of games to see what's coming to give me excitement about the future of the game. That is entirely possible, but lack of news and dwindling players is making me lose interest again.
  12. New town?

    I was surrounded by deeds, now they are dropping like flies. I had hopes for engaging communication about where the game was going from here. Just something to look forward to that would keep people excited and wanting to play. But lack of information has killed it for most.
  13. Still waiting on the developer road map that was supposed to come last week.