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  1. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

  2. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

    still got 6k mortar!
  3. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

  4. WTA 130+ Gems

    I should be on tomorrow, this evening is a bit busy for me.
  5. WTA 130+ Gems

    Auction Ended Winner: Gwyn Let me know when you would like to pick them up at Sommerholt.
  6. WTA 130+ Gems

    1hr sniper protection in effect. Only between: Gwyn & Nordlys
  7. WTA 130+ Gems

    2 hours left!
  8. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

  9. Old fishing system back!

    The new system is better but still needs some work.
  10. WTA 130+ Gems

    Starting price: 5s Min inc: 50c Sniper Protection: 1hr Pickup Summerholt - Xanadu
  11. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

    6k still available
  12. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Thanks, Retro for keeping us updated. And pass the thanks on to the Devs for finishing the Fishing update. Looking forward to it.
  13. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

  14. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

    Another 6k Mortar Available
  15. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

    [09:53:18] You have set up a delivery to Griphyth for 10 silver.