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  1. If your libila, the title should be Grand Chud
  2. I think it would be a good idea if you gained sleep bonus at half or a quarter of the speed of sleeping in a bed, just slowly gain it while you are logged off. +1
  3. I have noticed with the low memory client, and a 32bit machine that I can not enter large towns, I will crash and run out of memory. It will expand until it uses all of my system resources and crashes. Any ideas on how I can limit the memory used by the client. Thanks.
  4. it should allow you to go faster than mobs running after you...
  5. I run a 4k on a i5 with 8 gigs and solid state drive. Runs well with 20 players on and 50000 animals.
  6. This just needs to happen. +9000 Make it so
  7. I think this is a good first step, to get your current active player base to try out PVP with out having much to lose. Its just a first step I am sure. On a side note, I am pleased with how Budda has taken over and is leading Wurm into a well thought out direction. I look forward to everything he has planned out for Wurm.
  8. How much paint was needed to paint those colossi.
  9. Who is the maker on the rare huge axe syrell?
  10. I think there should be a bonus for being in enemy territory on the PVP server.
  11. It would be nice, if it extended the ripe time so that it doesn't turn to weeds as quickly.
  12. i think your avatar needs a diet. The cooking update has done a number on your figure.
  13. priceless