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  1. Wurm Online Steam Release

    I'm not sure how steam would feel about players being able to sell silver. They might want that changed so they can sell silver.
  2. Valrei International. 060

    So, how long before you allow us to make fish trophies which record the weight of the fish! OMG PLEASE!
  3. 6k Pottery Bricks (Xan)

  4. Animal Crates ETA?

    its waiting on code that allows you to travel between servers to be re-done.
  5. 6k Pottery Bricks (Xan)

  6. 6k Pottery Bricks (Xan)

    WTS 6k Pottery Bricks - 15s Xan Wagoner or pickup only! Act before the timer runs out and the price is 12s!!!
  7. Scaffolding

  8. I really think this will help build a sense of community. Alliances actually working together for a common goal.
  9. Ost-in-Edhil - The Elven Fortress on Xanadu

    I really like these post people do about their deeds. Keep it up.