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  1. WTS 65s

    Still for sale.
  2. WTS 65s

    65s left
  3. WTS 65s

    80s left
  4. WTS 65s

    Still for sale.
  5. Canceled

    Seems like no interest so going to pull the auction. If someone is interested in buying. PM me.
  6. WTS 65s

    Still for sale.
  7. WTS 65s

    Updated, sold one gold.
  8. WTS 65s

    WTS 65s 1s=1eu
  9. PC Character Ascorbic

    still looking for buyer
  10. Indoor bridges

    Or just a stair that allows a cart?
  11. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

  12. PC Character Ascorbic

    Thinking about making my exit, looking to see if it's even worth selling.
  13. Ascorbic's Bulk Goods

    Bump added pottery bricks
  14. Devlog thread closed?

    I thought the same thing when I saw it was locked... Makes me sad, but probably going to let my sub lapse till I'm excited about the future again.
  15. Devblog: Dev & Update Cycle

    As a long time player, I also feel very in the dark about what is currently being worked on. Just seem like you are too afraid of failure. I as a player don't care of you failing to develop a feature as long as you tell us what happened and why. For instance, if you were working on a new UI but suddenly you hit a roadblock that prevents you from completing the project, explain it in a Dev blog. You might even get feedback from the community that might help you figure it out. It honestly just doesn't feel like you trust the community that is left, even though they have kinda stuck with this game through a lot.