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  1. Hello is there a chance to get 2k clay to Baconia on Xanadu?

  2. Hello Wurmians! For a while ago me and my friend left Epic and Desertion for Xanadu due to the death of Epic. The thing with that move that bothered me and my friend was, after all the years we´ve been playing the beautiful game of Wurm online we couldn´t get our seasonal or loyalty gifts with us (sleeping powders, Spyglass and other special gifts) that you might have saved and wanted to take with you, my question is WHY? and could i get my stuff back? that i´ve payed for through game time. Many thanks! Moraal
  3. Shovel, iron QL_90 WoA_98 + CoC_92 2,5s Cod to Moraal!
  4. Hammer, iron 73QL (CoC85) ➜ 1.1 Silvers Cod Moraal Thx
  5. Rare Long Spear, oak (3s) Rare Stone Chiesel - Blank (4s) and how much for getting them BOTD' ed? Cheers!
  6. Rare Sickle - Blank (4.5s) QL 95 Rare Saw botd99 (8s) Send to Moruula on Xanadu?
  7. Took my alt with no money with me and they had all the patiance and were very nice through the whole process! recommend 5/5!
  8. sry for last message! want to buy rare oven 6s , rare lantern 233 5s.