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  1. The sound in this game really needs an update that is for sure. The devs should play skyrim for a bit to see how ambient noise really makes a nice impact in a game. Also this game could use more storms aka the witcher 3 to make the world feel more alive.
  2. Finn how does this kill the sandbox element? We already have buildings and item decay. So why cant wurm have landscape decay to make the lands try and revert back to nature.
  3. So my attempts at Nerf Ping with foraged coins wont work??
  4. Looking for a fo priest to convert me. I am located up north but can travel to you if need be. Mavv
  5. So my idea is that at 50 animal training you get the option to bond with an animal (Bear and wolves only) which will keep that animal tamed to you until it is killed or let go. The animal could be named and would have to be fed and watered like any pet. A player would not be able to tame any other creatures while an animal is bonded. At every 10 levels of animal taming after 50 more perks could be unlocked (stronger attack, better armor)
  6. hi niki is the staff for sale still. If it is can you cod to Mavv please
  7. Open two new servers. One pvp on pve. Give everyone a year? to move and close all other servers after that time period. Give everyone fair warning with emails and that gives people time to prep to sail over. Basically two fresh maps and a populated land again. Two servers the size of Indy (16km x 16km) is probably big enough with the players that are already active in wurm.
  8. Looking to buy giant walnut. PM Mavv in game
  9. I am in the north east on indy looking for a conversion to Fo. If anyone is up there I would really appreciate it. Thanks. My in game name is Mavv.
  10. What about grooming a horse. I am convinced that grooming a horse sets a faster speed than a non groomed horse
  11. Couple points that might make epic more fun to play or bring a gasp of life back - Remove home servers. Couple nights ago there were 22 people spread out over 4 islands and who knows how many of those were alts - Bring back the old Elevation map, or make another map that everyone agrees on at 8km x 8km - Allow skill gain to transfer both ways Small map, hopefully more players coming over for skill gain should = more fights for territory and kills
  12. Hey Hugh. The highway section around 37x-24Y is now connected. My deed is Ravenhold is located there. Thanks. Opps its almost complete but should be done shortly