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  1. WTB Giant Walnut

    Found one.
  2. WTB Giant Walnut

    Looking to buy giant walnut. PM Mavv in game
  3. Looking for Fo conversion

    I am in the north east on indy looking for a conversion to Fo. If anyone is up there I would really appreciate it. Thanks. My in game name is Mavv.
  4. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Rest in peace Tich
  5. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    What about grooming a horse. I am convinced that grooming a horse sets a faster speed than a non groomed horse
  6. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    Couple points that might make epic more fun to play or bring a gasp of life back - Remove home servers. Couple nights ago there were 22 people spread out over 4 islands and who knows how many of those were alts - Bring back the old Elevation map, or make another map that everyone agrees on at 8km x 8km - Allow skill gain to transfer both ways Small map, hopefully more players coming over for skill gain should = more fights for territory and kills
  7. Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy

    Hey Hugh. The highway section around 37x-24Y is now connected. My deed is Ravenhold is located there. Thanks. Opps its almost complete but should be done shortly
  8. Wagoner and Auto Drive

    Would be cool if we could use a wagoner and the highway system to auto drive our cart/wagon to connected deeds. Of course this would only work if the deed had a wagoner but it would be one more neat feature of this.
  9. Split off PvE from PvP completely.

    To much effort? Remove Choas and boom you have separate pve and pvp clusters. Seems pretty simple to me.
  10. Hireling NPC

    I hear you can hire pingpong for tasks like that!
  11. who wants a map reset for elevation

    Maybe get rid of the home servers and just have one map. I really liked the old elevation map as well. I never understand why wurm online has to many maps with so few players. It would be more fun with more players on one epic map. As a side note I get why some players don't want servers removed. Just one look at the work and time gone into deeds would be enough to make people quit.
  12. New spell - Vines available at 40 faith or something like that. Combine 40 vines to create a wall. Instead of using carpentry for how large you can plan it you use a soul skill. This would give those who play a priest as their main a little more flexibility. Available to all priests. The quality would depend on your cast of spell when completed and a bless spell maybe used to finish off the wall. Only a priest can build these houses. Would need to create a new model for the house. (Also off topic but log houses please) something that blends in with nature. And since a priest can only really build hedges as a fence a green type of house wall would be blend in.
  13. Making Elevation Great

    The most fun I had was on the old epic map. It was small enough that enemy would pop local and scare the hell out of you. But also fairly safe to go roaming. Ive personally never understood why elevation was made into such a huge map with a small population. With such a small pvp population you would be better off having one well developed map, with smaller islands for the home servers and the main island for main pvp all in one map. I think there is a post about that somewhere. Also I don't think most experienced pvps will go out of their way to destroy a new players first deed or small house. I hear a lot about this on freedom and its one of the things people are scared about when asked about trying pvp on epic.
  14. Ban the sale of accounts

    -1 I'm the type of gamer that doesn't like to grind. I don't like long timers either. I bought Mavv account and my priest account not because I want to be awesome at pvp. But because after work I just want to play wurm and be able to do the things I do in game that a new account cant do. Not everyone buys an account to pvp with, but I can understand why they do it. Roll a new account and see just how painful it is to start over again and you can see why so many new players quit. Wurm can become like a second job real quick. Baramor
  15. wts everything

    Rare stone chisel if its still available to Mavv for 4 silvers