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  1. sold. close plz

    Fathertime I have sent a post to the seller as i wont be around for the end of the auction so if he says there is a higher bid its probably me as i have given top end i will pay. Winner. i sent PM. ty
  2. sold. close plz

    private bid is higer. time + 5 min
  3. sold close plz

    end. TY cillbert. PM sent
  4. close plz

    auction end. no one give starting bid Ty for all
  5. close plz

    Obelisk must be only created at specific location. finish it you can where you want
  6. sold close plz

    Rare unfinished forge for sale Starting bid 4s Min Inc 50c Buyout no reserve no
  7. sold. close plz

    Rare butchering knife for sale 80Ql Starting bid 5s Min inc 50c Reserve no Buyout no
  8. sold close plz

    Full rare plate set for sale Starting Bid 15s Min Inc 1s Buyout no Reserve no Cheers
  9. close plz

    Rare unfinished obelisk for sale [21:55:39] You see an obelisk under construction. Ql: 1.0, Dam: 0.0. The obelisk needs 100 bronze lump, and 1000 stone brick, and 1000 clay to be finished. Starting Bid 15s Min Inc 1s Buyout No Reserve No Free CoD Cheers
  10. Sorry Afira i working in RL to much Rake is no mailable then you must deliver it Price is 1,3s for all Cheers