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  1. You show that Normal and Aggressive fighting stances have a bonus CR when attacking and Aggressive has a penalty when defending but Defensive isn't listed at all. This would imply that Normal is superior unless defensive has a bonus when defending, right? Was that not shown or is there some sort of non CR bonus that defensive gives?
  2. How many container items can be placed on a tile? Is there a limit? I have a tile with two large chests and potentially a bow rack (the center of it is on a tile border and I'm not sure which tile it is technically on). I tried building an armor stand in the middle of the tile and it disappeared. Unsure, I tried building it on another tile and it worked. I pushed it onto the tile with the chests (and maybe bow rack) and finished it, but once again it disappeared.
  3. "The economy works as usual and you have the possibility to pump the economy with silvers by using the server GUI." So if there isn't a king on the server how does this work? Do traders just have a set amount of silver that will slowly drop from players selling items? (most won't buy anything for quite some time). EDIT* Does each trader have a separate "economy"? If I sell five of an item to one trader, will a sixth sell for the same amount between that trader and another?
  4. I'm trying to hit an archery target with my longbow, and I can't seem to gain any more skill after the first shot. My skills: Archery:34.6 Short bow:27.8 Long bow:1.7 3.4 I'm aware of the experience cap but I'm sure it's bugged or I haven't hit it because I am still getting archery experience, and when I use a short bow, short bow and archery experience. Almost every shot now on both bows seems to break the arrows, this didn't happen on short bow until I started using long bow. I have tried hitting animals, but still don't gain any experience. I have tried firing from 10 tiles away, 15 tiles away, 17 tiles away, and 20 tiles away. I have tried killing animals but have too low of a skill to hit them, I'm using 32ql bows with 35-40ql strings. Is the system bugged or am I doing something wrong? Edit* Was able to get one tick at 20 tile distance hitting a target with hunting arrows, guess i'll just have to keep trying that. Edit* Slowly getting more, guess it just takes awhile but when training a low bow skill when you have a higher one, you should use better arrows.