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  1. So, what I have: 1x 80ql Seryll lump (1kg) 1x 90ql Seryll lump (1kg) 1x easter egg 1x yellow potion Basically, the recently-added prem rewards. I also have the fireworks,but I'll be keeping those. Basically wanting to see how much I can get for them.
  2. *interested* I'd also like it if you could post some screenies and/or coords
  3. If nobody else explicitly takes it, I'll take up the reins.
  4. So all those years ago I told you guys I was joining... Yeah, it happened.
  5. I'm back yet again, and of course, my deed is gone and long decayed. Basically, what I'm looking for is: At least a few other people active in US afternoons/evenings A place to live and work on projects Other than that, I'm pretty open for anything. Feel free to PM me on the forums or in-game, I look forward to hearing from you folks
  6. Simcity

    I applied both times, didn't get a beta key either time. Besides, I disapprove of EA's use of an always-online DRM. If that's their way of trying to prevent pirating of their game, I've got some bad news for them.
  7. Welp, it's been a long freaking time. Maybe 4-5 years? Here's a new one. Now in Air Force ROTC, thus the fact that I'm at home and the lack of name tapes and patches on the uniform. EDIT: Splling.
  8. Servers Up!

    You, sir, are an asshat.
  9. This is absolutely genius. Real experienced grinders speaking from their personal experiences will definitely help those looking to boost their skills across the board. This is definitely deserving of a sticky.
  10. Banned

    Unless you plan on being banned for even longer, I'd erase your OP and follow Aether's advice. See numbers 10 and 11.
  11. Meh, starting with my speeds at work.