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  1. "But you see, I got attacked here for voicing a concern, as do a few others. I'm annoyed, out right annoyed by this incessant childish mentality that "you're all thieves blah blah blah"," My meaning was referring to those who point finger and go on a witch hunt before offering a clear vocal reasoning. And at no point was it a direct attack at anyone. The finger pointing and belittling nature is what I was calling incessant childish mentality. The lack of ability to put forward a meaningful conversation, without the need for putting people down. Yes I understand fully why people do not want lockpicking. I completely get it. And Yes I understand how many people would literally camp out at a deed falling (there's literally a deed near me with 60+ damage on all walls. it's sad to see that, the deed's been there since LONG before I started.) IF lock picking was allowed, people would likely have picked through the fences by now and setup literal camps with their Disposable Deed-dropper at the ready. But what I think people need to do is be more open minded, stop attacking, stop screaming bloody murder. throw a suggestion. As someone who absolutely abhors the thought of lockpicking- Think on what you fear, what you despise, and question your own views. How would it work in a way YOU would be ok with it? Think about it this way. As I stated; If the devs decided to add it in 2 months, but wanted public feedback. What would you recommend? How would you "Like to see it done". Because "I'm gonna quit", dont matter to the devs. They'll just make another cluster in 5 years like they always do and separate it from everyone else for more cash grab profits. Wurm is pretty much dead at this point. So ultimately I don't care what happens to my stuff, or the game.
  2. 1) I do not have a 70ql+ stone house. 2) I AM one of those people who play unDeeded. I know very VERY well what it's like having things out in the open. Know what I do? I Keep it concealed, in my house, or behind a fence. 3) Actually they lock it so people on their deed probably wont take it, which you know- backstabbers and crooks are a thing even amongst alliances and deeds sometimes. But I am sure you'd argue with the wind on what directions right or wrong in this case. 4) I've had important stuff come up in life, I FOUND TIME TO MOVE THINGS. Friends are nice to have eh? One of them let me move all my stuff into a house on his deed for 5+ years damnit. Infact I might not be able to play for a while starting next month. If my stuff decays, well it damn well sucks to be me! Please refrain from attacking me with your one-sided single-minded mentality. Unlike the cash grab called NFI, The islands we are on are old, stagnant and aged. Almost like hundreds of people left their deeds so they could play on a new account entirely in a fresh environment! So if they, (the devs) so deemed lockpicking be allowed off-deed, that's THEIR choice, and frankly? If they did, I'd damned hope it would be Triple the difficulty to grind it, half the success rates, and require more difficult of a means to utilize it. Perhaps people could be more inclined to actually use high ql locks for a change? New Market in this abandoned land? But you see, I got attacked here for voicing a concern, as do a few others. I'm annoyed, out right annoyed by this incessant childish mentality that "you're all thieves blah blah blah", I don't care, mute me in game, block me, KOS me. I ain't touching your deed or your trash. I collect BSBs, Shelving units. I cannot justify or speak for others who aimlessly raid anything open and available. If I see a "Free cotton bin" sure I'll take a few pieces, I wont empty the damn thing. I respect the locals, and the generosity that goes around. But when it comes to "Free game" when i KNOW it's a dead land, thats literally abandoned for well over 7 months, and has long-since been cleaned out? sorry, I'll do as I please there, and clean up the scraps everyone's left behind. Oh, that makes me wonder! Was I supposed to leave the rare auld syne I found in the middle of nowhere on the ground and wait for the owner to log on while someone else grabs it? If theres something I'd want, and could contact the original owners, I would try! BUT, Keep in mind alot of people moved to NFI! On Independence there is SO MUCH FREE SPACE NOW. if you haven't played here. don't judge! Every island is different, everyone plays different. Get the Old age mentality out of here and look to the future. Things need to change, cause some people would love to move those damned secured BSBs off the yard too(without having to pester GMs). It's not ALL about looting. P.S: Whats your opinion if you can pick up a locked item? Then what?
  3. reading this annoyed me so bad. 1) Just because someone requests lockpicking don't mean you're going to be utterly raided. 2) most of your good stuff is in your house, and I doubt your 70-90ql stone houses are going to be completely decayed in a matter of 3 months even after deed-decay. 3) I've been gone months at a time, a 30ql stone house off deed lasts a LONG LONG TIME. No excuses. 4) If you're focused on life and have to worry about your wurm items, i think it's time to stay focused on life and let go. complaining your deed might go and someone steals your 60ql logs from an out-side BSB is just sad. Right now, I see a Supreme Beehive, I want it. I can't load it because it's locked. BUT Also because I don't have 23Body strength. Does it make me a theif because I want to salvage it?? NO IT DONT. The deed has been long since looted, I can literally move the beehive and everything, it's only fault is being locked. Nobody is asking for lockpicking so they can break into your god damned houses, so get over it already. People want to reuse BSBs, FSBs, and other High-skilled containers that are normally locked or require ridiculous skills to make. Seriously people ITS A GAME NOT YOUR LIFE.
  4. We've all lost a cart, a boat, or safe house / hunting shack at one point or another. I feel it would be a good quality of life feature to allow a user to view a golden beam, or white beam upon request, indicating the location of a vehicle or house. One thing, is a rowboat I have can easily be hidden by much larger boats, so it could be overlooked. Plus I haven't been playing a lot the past few years, and trying to locate something manually after years, is pretty difficult.
  5. Gardening early on, I'd have to highly recommend cutting grass, with a coc sickle I can get a 0.03 tick, thats 0.06 per tile on SB, and adds up quickly. Definitely easier than making trellis (early on), and requires no real material investment besides a sickle. Once skill is gained, I think the Trellis might be more feasible.
  6. I read up abit while writing the post to see how close I could relate them to actual cocoa trees. I suggested Southern temps due to the heat. As such I believe for harvest cycle summer would be the optimal range for best harvest. Sand may work possibly, but they do require shade so it may need a valid distance near trees using sand would limit it to the extended reach of a Willow/oak, though I think Palm trees would be a major improvement to desert terrain / sand tiles. Internal growth would be difficult, its stated they thrive off the shade from taller trees, but too much can cause them to die or become unhealthy.
  7. Hello! I'm coming by with a suggestion for Cocoa Trees. How would they grow? Speed of growth- Subjective to debate Growth height: small tree, medium branch spread Harvest: Subjective time, harvest tool; Machete, result, cocoa nut -> hammer, cocoa beans. Location- Southern regions Space- 1 tile Additional traits: Can only be planted near a taller tree. can survive the outer kill zone of a grown willow/oak, does not spread.
  8. So i need to meet Supra but the poor guy came all the way over and I had to head out and now im at the hotel and on wifi i cant connect. I updated java. The graphics driver would take an hour or more. I wont be on stable connection for a while. I didnt think this would happen but yeah this is my situation. Not sure if it's the internet settings of the hotel or what but yeah.
  9. I would like to request an addition to the creator tag system- We got the history of who made an item, and these days we can take over ownership in random occasions. I would like to see a creation DATE, on items. Like rings, weapons, armors, tools, anything. Even boats and carts. It can be something as simple as "This item was created X (RL)days ago." What do you think?
  10. Selling a very well formed Branch. Unlike any other branch this is the one for you! [16:47:14] A one step long wooden branch that could be used to create a shaft. It is made from birchwood. Use it to make a fine roast, or add it to your forge for extra forge life. Starting bid is 1i min increment is 5i Sniper protection enabled, 2hours from last bid. Bidding ends in 1hour Seller pays COD
  11. Dragon is slain. Thanks for all who came we really appreciate that so many managed to come by.
  12. might not be an issue, the more the merrier. just be sure to get your fastest woa oars xD keep an eye on the chat once servers up.
  13. im on my way right now. will bring some stuff. who else is heading over?
  14. Java is really getting on my bad side...... how do i get 64bit installed so i can play without issues? I download it but it never automatically kicks in. I had everything installed day one but when i need it, I get the shaft. argh. Its launching now btw, just warning me about 32 and 64bits