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  1. I read up abit while writing the post to see how close I could relate them to actual cocoa trees. I suggested Southern temps due to the heat. As such I believe for harvest cycle summer would be the optimal range for best harvest. Sand may work possibly, but they do require shade so it may need a valid distance near trees using sand would limit it to the extended reach of a Willow/oak, though I think Palm trees would be a major improvement to desert terrain / sand tiles. Internal growth would be difficult, its stated they thrive off the shade from taller trees, but too much can cause them to die or become unhealthy.
  2. Hello! I'm coming by with a suggestion for Cocoa Trees. How would they grow? Speed of growth- Subjective to debate Growth height: small tree, medium branch spread Harvest: Subjective time, harvest tool; Machete, result, cocoa nut -> hammer, cocoa beans. Location- Southern regions Space- 1 tile Additional traits: Can only be planted near a taller tree. can survive the outer kill zone of a grown willow/oak, does not spread.
  3. So i need to meet Supra but the poor guy came all the way over and I had to head out and now im at the hotel and on wifi i cant connect. I updated java. The graphics driver would take an hour or more. I wont be on stable connection for a while. I didnt think this would happen but yeah this is my situation. Not sure if it's the internet settings of the hotel or what but yeah.
  4. I would like to request an addition to the creator tag system- We got the history of who made an item, and these days we can take over ownership in random occasions. I would like to see a creation DATE, on items. Like rings, weapons, armors, tools, anything. Even boats and carts. It can be something as simple as "This item was created X (RL)days ago." What do you think?
  5. Selling a very well formed Branch. Unlike any other branch this is the one for you! [16:47:14] A one step long wooden branch that could be used to create a shaft. It is made from birchwood. Use it to make a fine roast, or add it to your forge for extra forge life. Starting bid is 1i min increment is 5i Sniper protection enabled, 2hours from last bid. Bidding ends in 1hour Seller pays COD
  6. Dragon is slain. Thanks for all who came we really appreciate that so many managed to come by.
  7. might not be an issue, the more the merrier. just be sure to get your fastest woa oars xD keep an eye on the chat once servers up.
  8. im on my way right now. will bring some stuff. who else is heading over?
  9. Java is really getting on my bad side...... how do i get 64bit installed so i can play without issues? I download it but it never automatically kicks in. I had everything installed day one but when i need it, I get the shaft. argh. Its launching now btw, just warning me about 32 and 64bits
  10. Looking to get on wurm with my new self-buit PC. My main concern however is I cant. the wurmclient downloads as a ".jnlp" file and cannot be run on this computer. I would like to request some assistance in getting the actual client or something that actually works when you run it first try.
  11. BUMP The use of a Golden Valley character is the fact that it can play OUTSIDE of the tutorial. However limited to 20skills ( I think 30 with premium? or is that just QL cap from skills?) There is added challenge since you have to buy from the /FEW/ others that play, or just spend time making your own tools and fighting wolves, and the mountain lions/wild cats. Note sharks spawn too but their optional. Faster decay rates! Not sure if you can deed now or not with recent changes. (deed writs are now free, right? 5s on acc purchased from shop = home?) Tossing all equipment means finding rock/cliff tiles and foraging for iron rocks to make crude tools, as well as foraging for a branch GOOD LUCK! you need 2. Your location IS contradictory to the above, as I last logged on by a mine, 2+ iron veins, water level, BY water, with flattened land, trees, and you have anvils and stuff. You can brag to your friends, or just get away from the craziness and chill. the char is permanent so yeah by all means, you can use it as a vacation character lol.