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  1. Mask of Deception for Cista. Thanks!
  2. The funny thing is due to the different economies, all these items will go to NFI. Crafters on SFI will not have to worry, but for somebody on NFI selling rare anvils, this might not be so fun. Maybe the GMs did not consider that aspect.
  3. 'I tried to pm you to arrange pickup, maybe you didn't see it
  4. Sure thing, just pm me about a transfer.
  5. I have some more duplicate loyalty skins for sale. They are to be picked up on Deliverance North coast c17, unless we arrange otherwise. From early 2022: Dragon statuette skin - 7 silver Decorative flowers skin - 6 silver From 2021: [SOLD] Staff of the Dragon skin - 12 silver [SOLD] Skeleton Chest skin - 8 silver Claymore skin - 6 silver [SOLD] Jewelry casket skin (the Christmas present) - 6 silver From 2020: Sturdy large chest skin - 8 silver (the COVID skin that was given to everyone)