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  1. Yea the one bird song track (Blackcap) is linked with grass, the other track (Blackbird) is linked with crop fields. If you don't have either of those in a large amount, then you probably won't have birds.
  2. I played Ryzom a little bit, but not enough to get to see those large-scale migrations, I saw medium-scale ones. I always got killed while exploring around - I still plan to get in and skill up enough just to see more! The gathering of resources was however a downside to me, as all resources were gathered from the same generic "extraction nodes", on which you applied your personal extractor. Much like Star Wars Galaxies I believe (or Entropia if anyone knows that). I prefer the naturalistic gathering system of Wurm, where you dig a mine if you want metal or rocks, cut down trees if you need wood, go the coast if you need clay, find the correct bushes for berries etc.
  3. Great story! I wonder, since you like the game now, do you remember what first made you want to quit after 45 minutes?
  4. Ok then, for the two-hand sword NIM77LT75COC78, can you imp that to 90 for an extra silver and send it to Cista please
  5. There is a two-hand sword COC84LT82NIM70, can you imp that to 90 for an extra silver and send it to Cista?
  6. On a side note, I find it interesting that we always praise Wurm because it is a challenging game, but then the things that people choose as their absolute favorite thing from the game are borderline, or even definite exploits, that help them subvert these challenges
  7. To me the single most mindblowing aspect i realised in Wurm is that each tree or bush is alive, and trying to multiply and win the evolutionary race. It is the one fundamental thing that Wurm has that no other game world has ever attempted.
  8. Just necro-raising this thread for a moment. If anyone is still interested in these rules for how trees spread, I just realised it is very easy to see proof of if you look at the mapdumps that Wurm offers from time to time. The image below is from Xanadu, and I happen to know that while the top half of this area was forest when the server opened in 2014, the bottom part of this area was clear grassland. And now you can see (although it is blurry) how timber trees in the former grassland after 3 years have organised themselves in a diagonal lattice. This is because they are not allowed by the game mechanics to touch each other orthogonally, as I described in the posts above. In this lattice, every three has 4 "cushion" tiles, in the N-S-E-W directions. On these tiles, no other tree can plant itself. Meanwhile in the original forest in the top half of the picture, many of the timber trees do touch each other orthogonally, so they form solid dark green "blocks" and rectangles of tiles that are occupied by trees. (This was how they were distributed by the devs before launch). It's as simple as that! You can see it on all such maps, but it's especially easy to see on Xanadu.
  9. What all these additions have in common is that they are things that make you want to stay and fiddle with domestic things on your deed, hence they have no interest for me unfortunately. It is great that Wurm is developing features that make many players happy, but for those like me that play games to explore and travel, Wurm has not developed itself in the last few years. Taking a journey around a new server area would be the same experience in 2017 as in 2015, although I have read that they have been fiddling with mob AI lately. * they also did add some more animations on mobs along the way. The last great addition to the "wild" side of Wurm IMO was all the marine life.
  10. Investigating on old disbanded settlements has a chance to yield unique items What is an "old disbanded settlement" precisely? Is there a time frame for it, as in time since abandonment? On old servers, everything is old disbanded settlement if you look back in time far enough.
  11. Please stop talking of new player experience when you are more than two years old. You come across as a troll trying to scare players away from our game because of bad choices you have made. Northern Xanadu is not for new players, it is like level 95 in a themepark game. I understand you are in a bad situation now, so what you should do is you ask in Freedom chat if anyone in the North can help you out.
  12. I love it! Wild hens used to litter the landscape like so many pillars of salt. Now they move around like actual living things.
  13. Did it occur to you that people will prefer RNG rather than longer timers? We already have the longer timer system in place for many things. Noobie players can get timers of 3 minutes when repairing buildings or flattening a piece of land. Even when mining you can have timers óf several minutes when you queue 3. This forces the player to do something else while playing Wurm. If you were to ask players: do you want longer timers on everything, I believe they would mostly answer no.
  14. Chess is predictable enough that the best chess player in the world was beaten by a computer already 20 years ago. Meanwhile full-ring poker, which is based on predicting what your opponent will do given RNG and partial imformation, is still not possible for a computer to conquer and won't be in the foreseeable future. This hasn't much to do with Wurm, except the fact that unpredictability also brings challenges. For example, if you bum out your meditation tick, you have to adapt, i.e. re-plan what you do the next 10 minutes or 1 hour. Or if you need a unicorn horn and the one you find does not give you one when you butcher, you have to rethink your hunting trip. This can actually be seen as a good thing.
  15. Regarding RNG to make something in crafting, it is really necessary to have it there. Some things are very hard to make for a player at the stage that player is at. This gives you intelligent choices, for example if you have just 10% chance of making a mailbox or bits for a large cart, this is where you maybe try and get your neighbour to do it, gaining a new friend in the process.