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  1. Best gold seller around. Great contact, fast seller! Thanks again!
  2. #6 - 9s #7 - 7s #9 - 15s CoD to CigarAU (If I win)
  3. 70ql Steel Carving Knife CoC 99 - 10s & 80ql Hatchet CoC 102 - 10s CoD to CigarAU please.
  4. Do you sell just the arrow shafts? I'll buy 3x quivers of hunting arrows & if you sell the shafts let me know the price! Delivered to Underworld (10y, 32x) on Inde.
  5. Hello Wurmians, I'm looking for the following things on the Inde server; Diggers - I need thousands of dirt dug & ground leveled out. Also need a path dug down until rock. Paying 1.1s per 1k (You'll have BSB's at your disposal with your name on it, so you will be paid for what you dig.) Mason - I need around 12 forges built & 2 ovens. Looking for all of them around 60ql except 4 that i'd like 80ql+. Also need a guard tower finished (320bricks) We can work out a good price. Animals - I need 4, 5 speed horses fully equip with highly enchanted WoA gear. Also looking for 12 male, 12 female horses (any traits), 6 bulls, 6 cows, & a male / female dog. We can work out a good price. Items - I need a shovel, stone chisel, pickaxe, rake, hammer, butchering knife, carving knife, saw, large anvil, & small anvil. All low ql, high CoC 80+ (90+ pref) (Looking for highest skillgain possible) You can COD these items to me, if they are a decent price I will buy them. PM me here or ingame at Cigarau. My location is 9y,32x just above Underworld (Inde). Animals to be delivered to my deed! Thanks all.