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  1. I just mined the tile out and I indeed got some (besides rock shards). Mystery solved I guess. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks. So far, I can see only rock everywhere, but I'll try analysing it again later. My prospecting skill is only 37 for now and I believe I need at least 40 to be able to recognize salt. In any case, if this is actually a feature, Wiki page (Mining warnings) should be probably updated accordingly.
  3. That's an interesting information. Thanks for sharing. Maybe something similar happened here, before we deeded over. It's possible. I remember shortly after NFI start, they had to fix some cave tiles on Harmony. Something about bugged Sandstone tiles, if I remember correctly. Not sure though. Maybe it's related. Who knows.
  4. Anyways, thanks Aion for investigating this. Thanks again for your time and effort. I'll keep the tile intact for the next week or so, in case somebody else wants to come take a look as well.
  5. I don't even know what that is.
  6. Thanks, I've sent you a message.
  7. No, only one border is flat, of course. It would mean a different warning anyway.
  8. Hello, there's a weird surface rock tile on our deed. Tunneling attempt returns the "You cannot keep mining here. The rock is unusually hard." warning, which, according to Wurmpedia, means that there's an ore vein beneath. But at the same time, surface prospecting action on the same tile returns the "There is only rock nearby." message. Which is confusing. One of these may be true, but definitely not both. I've opened another tunnel entrance on one of the neighbouring tiles to see what actually is beneath. It's a normal rock tile. In fact all 9 neighbouring tiles are pure rock. No veins here at all. No reinforcements either. Yet, for some reason, it's not possible to open a tunnel on the mysterious tile. A bug maybe? The slopes on neighbouring tiles are bit steep (220), but the tile itself is only 30, so it should be fine as well.
  9. My demon helm disappeared from my inventory. It seems like it disappeared when I equipped another helm. But I'm not 100%. PS: Delete this post, please. The helm is on my alt. I totally forgot about that.
  10. Unless you live on Harmony, of course. No creatures for you.
  11. Advantages for some, disadvantages for the others. It's subjective. For example, not everyone wants to start with fully developed infrastructure, society, economy...
  12. Rugs take quite a big damage after each meditation. Especially at lower QL. Maybe they were just destroyed by 100 damage?
  13. Here's another urban myth: All ore veins are mined out already on the old servers.
  14. Hello, yesterday I've done some mining. On my solo deed. Nobody else has an access. When I logged off yesterday I left some of the mined stone shards in piles inside the mine. When I logged in today, I noticed a rock shard on the surface. I'm 100% sure it wasn't supposed to be there. The shard was acting very strange, I was unable to pick it up. There was an option to pick it up, even character animation of picking has been shown, but the shard stayed on the ground anyway. I tried to relog, the same results. Eventually I dropped some items on the tile to create a pile and managed to pick up the shard finally. Then I realized that there's a pile of shards on the same exact tile underground and the weird shard just must've traveled to the surface overnight somehow. I don't think I can reproduce this, but you should probably take a look at this strange phenomenon. Thanks. Edit: Since it was just 1 shard, I'm thinking maybe it was the shard I analyzed and put back inside the mined pile? Just an idea. Edit 2: Some additional info - I've done some corner raising (using concrete) and ceiling mining on one tile border of the tile in the mine. Maybe it contributed to this strange behaviour somehow? Edit 3: It may as well be a client bug, who knows?
  15. Blueskies makes great and tasty pizza. I definitely recommend. Also, Athendale is worth visiting, go check the amazing canal they built.
  16. I've been playing for weeks now without any issues, so I guess this has been solved somehow. Knock on wood.