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  1. Hey you! You probably already know this but this is Donyell, Mishia, new Nyteshade, etc. :) 


    I heard you quit wurm. Sucks that it ended up like that. I hope you're doing well all the same. I was wondering if you had skype or steam or anything to perhaps keep in touch with? Perhaps we could play another game or 2 together sometime. Let me know.

  2. Not sure how to explain this... but I randomly begin spinning. I can't stop it. It happens in various scenarios. Am I alone in this? Thanks! Starr
  3. Please add me to the list! Starr, 86 FS, 82 huge axe
  4. Character - Styxx You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 3 of the starfall of the Digging, 1036. That's 568 days ago. You have played 11 days, 1 hours and 6 minutes. You have been premium a total of 0 months until Dec 2013. You have been premium a total of 9 since Dec 2013 You have been premium consecutively for 9 months since Dec 2013 You have premium time until 5 January 2016 Styxx has never lost premium. Thanks for looking into this! Starr
  5. Remove Sinktown and Timesink please. Starr/Styxx
  6. Please cancel Caravel purchase. Thank you. Starr
  7. need three 90ql great helms COD please. Starr
  8. Sinktown was disbanded, kindly remove from Y8, X9. Thanks! Starr
  9. Starr, 84fs, huge axe77 .. lets DO this!
  10. I will be there, 84fs, 76 huge axe. can't wait ) I will need a horse please
  11. +1 Fineal. Let us sit down. I've got this comfy new rug in front of the fire, and some chairs/thrones..
  12. Would love for horses to have 2 of these for carrying veggies when harvesting, sprouts and forage/botanized items, etc. Starr