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  1. Raids in wurm have nothing to pvp. 99% of them takes place when defenders are off-line. But looking at the current situation on elevation, I would certainly increased the damage on off deed buildings.
  2. Yes, Yes, Yes.... wait for our guys with this polling. If we want more ppl from home servers... play hota and pvp. YES.
  3. Add boat transporter for horses and will be ok.
  4. and join them to freedom. Epic for pvp players!!!
  5. Many people afraid that the remove local there will be more difficult to meet the enemy and even less PVP. I understand these concerns I wroted: I think that cast Nolocate on person is too OP. It would be a good solution, if after higer cast locate soul , nolocate will be remove. Next cast will show where is enemy if he not recast nolocate. And ofcourse necessary are better sound. (checkdarkfall)
  6. Problem is, what the sence to change it in luncher but keep on forum.
  7. Now, give chance for new kills, without local.
  8. Rolf, if after resetting elevation you will still listen all the crybabies on a forum... better close epic permanently and let them go and play on freedom... Do something for us PvP players - make Epic a true PvP cluster. remove local remove cr nerf dont change how minedoors work increase dmg and off deed decay on buildings and walls do something to encurage roaming, make leaving a deed more profitable if the map will be bigged speed up boats in case of removing local, improve a bit ingame sounds to allow easier localisation of foes ( new map should be cleaner too - less olives and more open space in general ) but tbh nothing will help if we don't get some combat system suited for XXI century in near future translation by Qaay
  9. One thing I'm sure. Although medieval knights were suffering greatly in their heavy, restaining movements armors, they never cried because of that like pussies in heavy armors in Wurm.
  10. I also have suggestions on how to make the game more realistic Divide players into castes, warriors and peasants ... and peasants do not have vote on topics pvp.