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  1. english do you speak it?
  2. doubt it, probably just means kindoms are limited to 3, but you still have the standard template limits.
  3. no it simply means that on server restart instead of it logging out with the player holding it, it will fall to the ground as if the player normally left world while carrying it.
  4. he should just remove them from the game. The pve ones are gonna stay about the same, the pvp ones are never gonna get used besides the scale of lib, so yeah they will mostly stay locked up on deed only to be recharged. they were fine the way they were, but the standard meta in wurm online is to cry when you are to unskilled to handle something.
  5. mini I guess you could use them to decorate meth, maybe ask rolf if he will make lamp posts you can place them on or something ^^
  6. srsly... the dmg is worthless for the added swing timer... the whole reason we used them was for that chance to hit big, and now that they can't do that they are worthless except for bashing.
  7. yeah mightaswell remove em from the game at this point, we will just recharge them and keeped them locked away like JK did for so long nice changes too bad no other kingdom will see them
  8. umm no actually that that line means that instead of leaving world on the player during a restart, it will fall on the ground like a normal log out.
  9. scepter is 6 sec swing timer, my glimmer longsword is 3 sec timer, Because mag bonus doesn't work with scepter and it does work with my longsword: I do more dps now with my longsword then an artifact weapon, GG balance
  10. you may think its not that big of a deal now, but u'll see especially when you consider that recharging can't be done just at any time, and there are specific time windows of recharging, weeks 1/3 on wrath and awakening.
  11. its not a disadvantage its suicide lol. You might think its a disadvantage when you pvp in ur plate and ur throwaway gear, but to the people who pvp in scale/drake, and various shinies trying their best to win and pvp the most effectively taking the gamble of insta dieing far outweighs the profit from succesfully using it.
  12. heh, with a change like this mightaswell have just removed them all :S gonna be used so little now considering the effort it takes to go to the whitelight/blacklight on a 16x16 sized map lolz
  13. gonna be funny now considering the ear of vynora is on a 1 hour cooldown and you could literally blow all the charges in 1.25 days that thing is gonna get recharged often lol
  14. I don't think someone with the name postinglels or a picture of a pig, gets to be the one to judge others integrity LOL