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  1. Great, now I have mathematical evidence I need better horse gear +1!
  2. Wurm staff, not sure how you all handle it so well, but always fight for what you think is right, even when there's so much misdirected hate and grief floating around!
  3. Dem Capes!

    now that you've equipped the meditation rug on your back, you don't have to worry about leaving it behind when you travel?
  4. if that potion of ropemaking is still avialiable please COD to Rothschild!
  5. Rothschild will be sailing over to help imp, and bringing priests current skills over 70 to help imping: Carp, Fletching, LW, WS, PAS, SS, BS and JS. Velfor (Vyn priest) 92 channeling Sexmetalbarbie (Sme priest) 74 channeling
  6. Rothschild - 70+ carpentry, fletching, LW, masonry, WS, PAS, SS, and blacksmithing, looking forward to imping! Velfor - 90+ channeling Vyn priest for casting Sexmetalbarbie - 70+ channeling sme priest for BotD, and web, and maybe some LT
  7. Rothschild will be there once again, in usual fashion, carpentry, fletching, leather working, masonry, Weaponsmithing, Plate smithing, Sheild smithing, Blacksmithing
  8. Rothshcild signing up to help with the imping: all 70+ : blacksmithing, carpentry, fletching, platesmithing, shieldsmithing, masonry, leather working, weaponsmithing also will bring velfor: vyn priest 80+ channeling
  9. if the mining potions are still for sale, please mail to Velfor