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  1. Hi Rezden, looks like a good setup there. Only think is please reconsider taxidermy mod. As I've seen in other servers, it become incredibly obnoxious coming into local with 100+ fake creatures.
  2. Still going strong with nice people and amazing quality of life mods by bdew that makes the game just really fun with as little tedium as possible. Somehow still keeping the essence of Wurm intact. You really need to experience farming 7x7 at once to appreciate how elegant it is, just for example. As someone who's farmed for years in Wurm, my sanity can't take much more. This place is a great one to take your friends to just have a good time, explore with added bonuses and expanded hunting, join in the very relaxed group events, help out many community projects or start your own.
  3. Thanks, sold! Very pleasant transaction, Saicotic.
  4. Asking 23 silver for the lot. Delivery to any starter town on Xanadu. Thanks
  5. Having a lot of fun just solo on the server, but would welcome more players for sure... You did a great job on map design- the tree/shrub and resource distribution seem really well done. I'm really enjoying the mods you've made, as it takes out the frustration from Wurm. Pardon the expression, but it's more of a 'Beer & Pretzels' style wurm, where you can just relax and enjoy it more without having to worry about all the 'wogic' limitations that can make Wurm a pain in the butt, even for veteran players. The HotS PvE adds a very interesting new flavor as well, so combined with the rest of the mods it's almost like a whole new game.
  6. Delete Please

    Well, it appears he took it down randomly... RIP https://wurm-unlimited.com/server/1024/ "Registered bydaemonanyndel Registered onApril 19th, 2016 10:16 AM EST Deleted onMay 8th, 2016 06:39 AM EST"
  7. This server idea sounds pretty amazing... going to try and get on this weekend.
  8. wurm 2016

  9. As it is, it's difficult to send casual messages to people offline, except through the forums. People usually reserve papyrus for only the most important messages, due to its very high resource cost. If papyrus was a bit more doable, I think that messaging your friends with it would make things more enjoyable for all. It's a good feeling to log on and see that the imps have a message for you and find it's from your friend that you otherwise might not get to play with due to time constraints.
  10. Currently in game papyrus sheets take 0.5 kg of reed fiber, which takes 5 reed plants to make. I don't believe that papyrus sheets should be so heavy or take so much fiber. At most they should be 0.1 kg to make using them viable. As it stands, the average farmer needs to wait a real life week(a Wurm month) and dedicate a tile of their farm per one sheet. This seems ridiculous when considering historically they were made into books and sold by rolls of 20 sheets. A book of 100 pages would weigh 50 kilos theoretically, if made in Wurm. Please change it and people may actually use it, Thanks
  11. Why don't you just buy his account then you can make him say whatever you want.
  12. Yeah, he has a Hebrew name and not Polish(?) like Tosiek or Inuit(?) like Nahjo. I don't see this as a problem. People have been crying out to see Nathan for years, and I'm personally glad to see him ascend too.
  13. +1 , but we should also have character decay, by which I mean old age permadeath. Maybe maximum 1,000 hours playtime and then you croak, never to be seen again. R.I.P. The End. Game over man, game over.
  14. New Deity!

    Now all the Tosiekians need is a story of mass persecution and a dubiously documented charismatic leader to become a 'real' religion.
  15. This. That picture was misleading. It would be bad form to not follow up with some bunny love.
  16. -1 -It's balanced because the rest of the path of insanity abilities are next to useless, and it take a year of disciplined meditation to get it. -You shouldn't try and bring down the people who already put in the hard work. -This is one of the only things you can do yourself, without the help of a large group, without having to be one of the elite. Anybody can get it in time, unlike dragon/elite mob stuff, relics, sorcery, champion/kingdom titles, glimmersteel and player made kingdoms. Meditation is the one thing a man or woman alone has to give them a leg up.
  17. You can preferably message me here. No enchants wanted or needed on rug, thanks. Will pay one 1s 30c +CoD minimum. More based on quality, or rare status.
  18. Hmm, one of the tapestries appears to be depicting men wielding spears with shields...
  19. Super creepy- is this a hallucination? If so, do you remember its name?
  20. This could work if balanced properly, but I'd suggest giving the spell to Vynora, to give those priests some actual in-combat utility. And also, it would seem to fit in well with her aspects of knowledge and secrets. I'd give a somewhat weaker version for Libila so as not to imbalance the sides. Definitely do not think it should it should be given to all priest types.