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  1. Stone Bridge Wip *updated

    Still don't see why there is hate. Looks as good as I thought it would in the wurmvironment
  2. Stone Bridge Wip *updated

    As always good work Saro
  3. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 45

    Any ETA on crafting UI on live? I'm sure there's a lot of people who would happily deal with a buggy one over the current situation of none at all.
  4. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 45

    So questions on bridges, Will they be player destructable? If so could anyone? Also if they are will they be both bash, and catapultable?
  5. Interested In Buying Bok

    Still interested on a fair priced bok.
  6. Interested In Buying Bok

    As title says may buy. Paying via paypal if I get a decent enough price. Send forum PM with your price.