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  1. Not only A+ service but a nice guy to deal with. Will be using for all my Hi-end tool needs.
  2. Lock Me

    If your still looking for an LT sword u might pm Gumbo and see what he has to offer. I picked up an LT sword from him super guy to deal with.
  3. Dig to cart.

  4. Idea to change servers and skill gain

    Since you asked for some ideas here are a few. Fyi. I live on Xan and I enjoy it greatly. 1) Lag no comment since the amount of lag I experience is the same amount of lag that I have always had no matter what server I've lived on. 2) Lack of mob there is that in areas of Xan but I enjoy sailing so I pop over to another server for a nice hunting trip. And a hunting trip changes up game play for me. Plus a lot of people have been wanting hunting servers and with less people on the other servers the hunting is better there so we kind of have hunting servers now. 3) Economy well that is a deep subject that a lot of people flame. Imo as with any small player base there will be times were the economy will go flat, as people skills get higher they buy less and less unless it's enchanted or bulk items. And for the items people are buying they will stick with merchants that offer not only the best price but customer service and kindness. Skill capping and making players move is not the answer increasing the player base is. 4) Empty servers. Imo the best way to help solve that is to invite people that you know to come and give wurm a try. And do your best to give them a super experience so they will stay and in turn invite the people they know to give wurm a try. 5) Imo the best thing is to not stress over things and play wurm to have fun and enjoy yourself in this type of game play.
  5. Idea to change servers and skill gain

    -1. But there is nothing stopping you form skill capping yourself and travel from server to server to grind your skills. Happy travels and the best of luck to you.
  6. A day of decoration

    Very nice
  7. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 37

    Very nice update I'm looking forward to more updates in the future.
  8. Rare frying pan

    2s 10c
  9. 131 SUB 10 QL Gems!

  10. Watch Out ! It's another Wurm Day!!

  11. Please cod me one 2ql hatchet 93 coc @ 4s and thank you.