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  1. Could a change or update in Java cause additional lag?
  2. could have a priest head to chaos and summon you
  3. Communication and transparency regarding future plans would definitely be an improvement to Wurm... along side many games I've seen. But for the size of WO and how long its been out, i do have to say (in my opinion) the staff has done a great job keeping it running.
  4. LoL another public QQ? ran myself outta popcorn with the last rant from that area
  5. All Gone!

    Can you cod the unenchaned horse shoes snd rare knife to ronanxx?
  6. I play on a 65" 4k tv, still very easy to read. Perhaps settings?
  7. Definitely drama for the sake of everyone's entertainment, why else bring such a pointless argument to a public forum?
  8. This thread makes me want to deed nearby too just to join in all the fun ?
  9. can hitch them, cant see why riding would be a prob. +1
  10. i'll try to pop in and lend a hand =D
  11. Barber

    Could use a hand mirror
  12. Alot of very good points, I love the name idea Niki.. i changed the suggested name to the one you suggested and adjusted the suggested stats slightly.
  13. I like the idea of a passenger and possibly animals =D +1
  14. I'd hope it to work with the buff of 30% and vary from there as an improvement to cloth. Would be fun to see a new armor type added and cloth really should have an advanced set
  15. Gambeson As Scale is to Plate, Drake is to Leather, Gambeson is a greater version of cloth. Providing the higher base damage than cloth at 52.5% and slightly higher walking speed penalty of cloth at 4%. Gambeson is a unique armor set for Priests and Archers alike! This armor is crafted from the scraps of loin cloths taken from slain unique humanoids. When the Forest giant, Goblin Leader, Kyklops or Troll King falls, premium players obtain scrap of loin cloth by being in local range.
  16. Out of curiosity, how would say an erosion of 1-2 slope every 2 or 3 months in an untouched area of land negatively effect any active players new or old? Imo WO would benifit from a system similar to the one Sindusk demonstrates for experienced players, returning players and new players alike. There's many ways to look at implementing a system like it to avoid destroying old areas players enjoy visiting or passing through on occasion.
  17. The idea of coming across old areas is fun when exploring. I dont disagree. Wurm needs new players and the fun in a sandbox when first joining is the exploration and settling imo. Not examining history within a game ? This suggestion isn't based on entertaining experienced players, but to give more to new players to enjoy.
  18. A simple enough idea, no clue how hard to implement. Old deeds and roadways, unused and unseen to be slowly weathered away. Old teraformed land with high slopes, gradually have dirt slide down after not seeing any players for a set period of time. Deeds and roads disapearing back into the landscape for new players to explore. Imo the littered landscape keeps new players from enjoying what wurm is. Run in the forest and make it your own.