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  1. How large was the difference you noticed, Drogos? I just checked the server information with WurmStatus and the difference between "/uptime" and the actual server uptime was 11 minutes: Note that Deliverance (for example) shows a server uptime of 01d 00h 47m, while the /uptime command shows 1d 00h 58m. Maybe (just a guess), the /uptime command takes its data from another server, like Haven? Or it is just unprecise? Anyway, this may be worth looking into.
  2. Nice job! Also, don't forget this: wurm.gg/new
  3. Thanks for this overview. Your numbers inspired me to collect the number of players (at peak time, yesterday) as well, and I prepared a table and some diagrams, showing the number of deeds per square kilometer and typical number of players (at peak time) per square kilometer: The results are quite interesting. Surprisingly, the second oldest PvE server (Deliverance) is second in deed density, while only 6th in population density. Not surprising: the new servers definitely show the highest player density.
  4. Tutorial videos for new players could go along the lines of this useful FAQ (as a guideline): Your first days in Wurm Online
  5. Thanks. Added. Just a hint: you are aware that there already is a complete boat canal (ready for all ship types) a little bit further south? That one even is a heritage site, called "Eridanus Canal".
  6. You may want to check this out: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/61451-wurmclock-desktop-app-showing-current-wurm-time-date-and-season/
  7. Yes, absolutely! All of those - and many more; don't forget Asimov, Clarke (!), Farmer, Gibson, LeGuin, Lem, Pohl, Silverberg, Simmons, Wells (of course), and Wyndham - to name just a few. But if you really are into classic SF (best 70s-style) you should definitely read James Tiptree Jr.! She (yes, "James" was a lady ) wrote some of the best short stories I ever read! (And I think I read them all...)
  8. Thank you! All added.
  9. The new tutorial does not require you to make a campfire. And you wouldn't believe how many new players accidentally drop some of their starter items in the tutorial zone, so it is not at all implausible that he didn't have it.
  10. While we're at it, I thought I might repost an old story based on Wurm lore. I wrote it a few years ago, but it may be new for many younger readers. Please note that this entry is non-competitive - it may just be a good read . Enjoy!
  11. Maybe we should not use the term "account" for a Wurm character at all, to avoid confusion. Let's just call them "characters" or "avatars".
  12. Thanks. I added your deed. The changes you made to the map by terraforming will show on the next official map dump; I cannot add those, as the background map itself is just a static image.
  13. Thank you very much for the heads-up. (Apparently, Urls and servers change faster that I can react. I missed this while I was on vacation )
  14. Update (V3.1.3): Updated URL for Independence https://dl.dropbox.com/s/jruerwuv7skwfq2/WurmStatus313.zip
  15. So, I tested this with my local copy of WU. My xml status file is in: "G:\Spiele\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmServerLauncher\stats.xml" and my WurmClock3.ini line looks like this: [Wurm Server] ServerUrl=file:///G:/Spiele/Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm%20Unlimited/WurmServerLauncher/stats.xml LocalServer=1 With these settings WurmClock runs fine and shows the "current" time (using the last info in stats.xml) - when the game is not running. However, WurmClock cannot open the stats file while the game is running, and it therefore displays an error message! I remember the same problem was reported before for some of the WU servers out there - and I was never able to solve it. Apparently the latest versions of WU open the stats file exclusively, so WurmClock is not able to open it for reading. I'll try to find a fix for this - but in the meantime I'm afraid WurmClock is only working for Wurm Online (as originally intended).
  16. This syntax should be correct, however I notice three things that might be wrong. a) Please check the folder of your Steam installation. If Steam is installed to "G:/Games/Steam", your line should read: ServerUrl=file:///G:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/WurmUnlimited/WurmServerLauncher/stats.xml b) Make sure your WU folder is really called "WurmUnlimited", and not "Wurm Unlimited" (with a blank space between the two words). If there is a space there, the line must read like this: ......... steam/steamapps/common/Wurm%20Unlimited/WurmServerLauncher/stats.html c) As far as I remember (it has been a long, long time ) I always used a decicated WU server for my local games, so my stats.xml file was in: ........ steamApps/common/Wurm_Unlimited_Dedicated_Server/stats.xml Not sure if yours really is in "WurmServerLauncher". Best way to find out is: Run your server and find the version of stats.xml that has been changed most recently. Just search for all files of the name "stats.*" under your Steam folder. When you have identified the most current one, go to the folder it is in, right click the file "stats.xml" and open it with your browser. The URL line should then show you the correct link syntax.
  17. Back from vacation! Thanks. Done.
  18. I'm currently on a vacation, away from my computer. I'll check after I return (in a few days) - please stand by.
  19. It is correct, except for the randomness of +/- 2 Wurm weeks which is part of the game mechanics.
  20. Well done, Demona! (I only wish our tutorial janitor had cleaned up all the litter before you shot the video. But I hear he is currently on vacation. )
  21. I've seen this happening with certain versions of Bitdefender in the past. No idea if that's still a thing. See also: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137753-character-goes-offline-but-client-still-running-after-clicking-and-1-min-refresh-client-logs-on-no-crash-just-disconnect/
  22. Guys, you are awesome! According to this graph (http://freedom002.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/villages.html) we currently have 263 settlements on Deliverance. And now look at our community map: it shows 209 deeds as of today! That means: our map contains almost 80% of all deeds on the server - thanks to our awesome community members who are busy reporting all changes! THANK YOU!