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  1. And why does it make a difference whether the info is in one window instead of another? (Unless you are not using MS Windows...)
  2. What's wrong with the WurmStatus tool?
  3. You can add WurmClock to the whitelist.
  4. CoD the 1 second to Yaga, please.
  5. Added: Salve of Frost - 85 ql: 0.50s
  6. Oh, and "Arrr! Piraci!!" is called just "Arrr" now (P3).
  7. I travelled the east and northeast coast today, and found the following additions/changes to the current map: Missing Settlements: Reedville (R3) Seizedur (S3) User on the coast (U4) The Shore (V5) Jellyfish Support Bay (X10) Dejima (X14) Changes: "Timber Creek North" is now "Macondo" (V4) "Misty Moon Terrace" is now "Summer Lakes Harbor" (X9) Thus, the old "Macondo" (V7) is either gone or has a new name now (couldn't check)
  8. I don't think this has anything to do with missions; might just be an ordinary octopus spawning in the wrong location. As far as I remember this particular spot used to be ocean before it was filled up with dirt a long time ago, so maybe this is the reincarnation of an ancient marine creature returning to its ancestral hunting grounds ... or it may well be the evolutionary vanguard of mutant octopuses finally coming ashore (we know they are very intelligent)! <just kidding - sorry, couldn't resist >
  9. Found it! Always loved that name
  10. I went looking for a very ancient settlement - it had the funniest name I ever saw. However, for now I only found: (Probably a newer one in the same place)
  11. Please add "Beachcastle Cove" at U17: