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  1. Today we broke the record: 15 people are currently present! Thanks all for coming and participating.
  2. Just my 2 coppers: What I do not understand is why people expect to receive any financial compensation for playing a game. I mean: a game is a game, it's about having fun in your leisure time. It's not a job where you invest time and effort to earn your salary, nor is it a capital investment where you spend money, hoping to earn some profit! Playing a game is nothing you have to do; it's just a way to spend your free time. In that it's not much different from spending time with your friends in a pub - and nobody would expect the pub owner to give you some of your money back when you leave the place late at night after having fun, right? I have the feeling that some players have forgotten that they are just playing a game. It's not about earning real money or even getting back part of their "investment". Just my personal opinion
  3. Yes, but I wouldn't have fun being pushed off a cliff by mobs either. (Why make the world a more dangerous and uncomfortable place than it is?)
  4. Absolutely. I once played a game called "Mortal Online" (another indie game from Sweden ) which had that functionality. Pushing other players was a constant source of grief and harrassment. Griefers used to sneak behind you and started to push you towards steep slopes and chasms. -1
  5. Done. The proper coordinates are: [[945,276], [945,320], [947,322], [951,322], [955, 326], [955,345], [937,364],[1000,364], [1000,348], [1011,348]] (Always very helpful to supply those when reporting new routes )
  6. Thanks, Nic. Will take a little while, as I don't have the coordinates Give me a day or two, please.
  7. Map dumps 2020!

    Deli seems totally ok. New Wand of Sea island is shown correctly.
  8. Update: Latest map dump has been applied!
  9. Here is the planned schedule for the coming week(s). It shows the times of the 1st sermon (being held by Thorbjoern) in each time slot. We have a 2nd priest (Dorik) for the next "+30 min" slot. If we have more priests wanting to preach, add another 30 minutes for each of them. Please contact me (Yaga) if you want to attend.
  10. Yes, I can confirm: I have no sound for MOI when finding rare coins.
  11. Sermons have started. Next one in about 2.5 hours from now.
  12. I'm planning the first sermon to begin today (Saturday, 8-Feb) at 16:00 UTC (17:00 CET). Please contact me (forum PM) if you want to attend, so I can add you to deed permissions.
  13. Here are the details about our new sermon spot: The location is Silverhold on the peninsula in the southeast of Deli (Q23): http://deliverance.yaga.host/#809,977 We offer altars for all WL deities, along with a larder filled with food, a well, several beds, a spirit castle, some small crates (for casting "dirt", if needed), a pen for your horses and some meditation rugs.
  14. Sorry, but I guess we will be doing WL sermons only
  15. Sure, you are welcome to join! I'm still working on that spot, but altars, food, water and beds are already available. In order to begin we still need a few more people to join. (I have 2 priests and my main char, but I hope some of my allies will also be available.) I'll post more details about the location in the southeast very soon. And, yes: a summon will be possible. (I'll PM you.)