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  1. If you still have rare steel lumps COD to Griede
  2. Warlander. since pastebin saves it as strings of text, wouldnt there be a way to save the data as clusters. and each page only holding so many clustors, it would save to multiple pages? such as, maby a 50x50 area would be 1 cluster? then, you would only need to have it marked in the code that its a section of a whole. that way when you chose the load function from 'paste bin' website, you could chose multiple addresses that are part of the same whole.. im not a coder so i have no idea what it would look like or even how to do it. just seems like it could be possible since paste bin saves it as raw data. and no idea what possessed me to come up with that.
  3. WTB Food

    not much of a waste to whoever sells it. and im not only useing it to make tools
  4. because A: i was excited and 2: i was impatient also, there are ALOT of trolls in my area, i usually get jumped by 2 trolls at a time with adds, that also doesn't count how many times ive been killed by champ crocs and such...
  5. so, this is my new armor compilation Seryll plate Helm Chest Gloves Boots Drake Skin Sleeves Pants all at minimum 70+ with AOSP
  6. WTB Food

    of course, however, im takeing it a step farther by doing steel. and im not really interested in making money, i just want a supreme steel pickaxe.
  7. WTB Food

    1k Pumpkins 1k Potatoes Delivery only, Delivery will be covered. In game name Griede I Reside on Deliverance
  8. Closed

    ty for those shoes. if you still have that supreme shoe ill take it too. CoD to Griede.
  9. hey super awesome peoples, is this thread till active? still have stock? if so i neeed 1 Drake pants 2 Drake Sleeves No enchants needed. black preferably. or anything Dark Color like blue. Either way, Pieces must match. CoD to Griede
  10. update pls, has this item sold or still availible?
  11. id like pants and 2 sleeves Black 80ql. CoD to Griede.