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  1. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

    Hey there o/, Would like to order some affinity food for myself and Neltharios. For Warjack (please send to Warjack): test meal gave "forestry" Fighting Aggressive Fighting Huge Axe Woodcutting Body Strength Body Stamina Axes For Neltharios (please send to Neltharios): test meal gave "mind" Body Stamina Body Strength Mind Logic Plate Armor Smithing Blacksmithing Prospecting Mining Coalmaking Thanks in advance! See you around o/ Warjack
  2. Give us a blue sky, please

    +1, i have to say for someone who is running around over all the servers all the time: the greyish dark sky and the weather overall can get yourself midly depressed xD. A blue sky like this would be refreshing
  3. WTB Fantastic Bone

    Hey everyone o/, i am looking for another fantastic bone if there still is one out there. Please send me a private message if you have one and are willing to sell it. Warjack
  4. Rift - 2 July 2019

    Hope i can make it there in time, thanks for the info post Wulfmaer!
  5. WTB sleep powder

    got my sleep powder, please close
  6. Pristine Rift 07/04/19

    Greetings all o/, Pristine Rift is located around L17, desert area on a slight slope.
  7. Planning to come. Room 110 still free? (If not any other will do aswell) would like to take it. Looking forward to the impalong
  8. Release Rift 07/01/19

    Hello everyone o/, Rift on Release is located around O15. Area is terraformed and no trees there. Would advice a camp south from the rift. See you there o/
  9. Samling Pass & Samling Span are now open!

    Awesome work there! Makes is so much better to travel in this region. Thank you
  10. Patch Notes 27th/JUNE/19 – Legendary tweaks

    some great stuff!
  11. WTB sleep powder

    thanks Gofs, will contact him.
  12. WTB sleep powder

    Hello everyone o/, i would like to put a buy offer here for bulk sleep powder. Looking for 30x sleep powder and will pick them up at any server (Xanadu only places at coast). I offer 18 silver for all 30 sleep powder. i am aware that the price normally is around 80c-1s but i figured i will put the buy offer here anyways. Maybe someone is interested. Please feel free to contact me here via pm or sent me a message ingame (Warjack). see you ingame! Warjack
  13. Pristine Rift 06/24/19

    Hello all o/, Pristine rift is located around O13. Good location on desert.
  14. Release Rift 06/24/19

    Hey everyone, Release Rift is located around J18 on the side of the mountain. Not the best place for a rift. Thanks to Madagascargot for chopping down all the trees there!