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  1. I am pretty concerned about all the rift times lately xD, havent been at one for around 3 weeks because the times are impossible for me to attend. They are slowly getting in my time window soon though
  2. Awesome! Thanks for making it puplic, looking forward to it
  3. The title is "Legendary Decapitator" if anyone wants to know and for the ppl to update Wurmpedia
  4. Awesome! Great Job Martynas!
  5. Not really sure which developer i should contact about the confirmation of being first or not and eventually for suggesting/choosing a title. Thought i would wait a bit but it has been a few days now, maybe one of the devs could pm me via forum or ingame (Warjack)? That would be great, thanks.
  6. Have some ideas about the title but not 100% sure yet, feel free to add some suggestions! Got no title when reaching 100 so i assume being first, would be great if a dev could confirm that though
  7. Thanks Xor. Your 11x sleep powder you sold me some hours ago letting me finish that today!
  8. Thanks Martynas. Lol, i said i need a break! xD Ah well i guess sickle or staff maybe?
  9. Finally!! I reached 100 Huge Axe today. It took a good amount of time since i relied on a decent creature population and respawn. Definitly underestimated it, especially between 99,90-100. I decided to go for the 100 around 6 months ago at skill 35. Since then i did nothing else and i mean literally nothing else in wurm then switching between the servers and fight 6-10h every day. With all the travelling around i met alot of great and interesting people, made new friends and saw many beautiful deeds out there! No creatures were harmed or killed during this grind...eh wait what? After checking the achievment window it seems that i killed around 56000 creatures in 6 months ( not sure how accurate this ingame function is though, a number of creatures arent counted on kill like sheeps etc.). Here is a screenshot of all the rare/supreme coins i gathered with all the fighting: I would also like to thank some people here: - Thanks to Simyaci and Cenotaph for improving my weapons, very reliable and perfect pricing! - Thanks to Pankivtanke for giving me information about the creature population on Pristine whenever i asked - Thanks to Zaj for shipping me over to a RoS server last minute to get my precious sleep bonus! - Thanks to all Locals who sold me some sleep powder when i was hunting and ran out of sleep bonus or helped me out when my horse died again (yea i went trough a bunch xD) I need a little break now from fighting. See you ingame o/ Warjack
  10. Got enough for a while now, please close
  11. edited my post, i meant goals in terms of getting skills to a certain point
  12. Well i just hope it wont get you faster to goals (skillwise) going to Jackal and grind that skill over there and get more skillgain back on freedom as if you would have gotten when you stayed on freedom and grind there. (Not sure if that sentence makes sense xD) Anyways i am counting on you devs that you have balanced it in a way that it evens pretty much.
  13. Getting some good deals over the past months, atleast 60sp in price range 66c -80c each. Sure you wont get fast replies and fast deals but it seems like it pays off to wait a bit. Atleast that is my experience
  14. ran out of all sb again, buying more sleep powder 75c/each, any amount
  15. bump, neeed more! 70c/each, can also pay via paypal if requested, paying 15s for 20 (75c/each)