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  1. New deed (or rather, old deed refounded) The Hermitage,774
  2. Looking to sell the drake hide I have remaining in stock. Prices are set below. I will accept either in game coin or euros (verified paypal only) 1s/1e rate The hides can either be picked up from Root Hill Docks on Deli or mailed to buyer (buyer pays cod) Black dragon hatchling hide Ql 95.59 Wgt 15.00 4.5g Green dragon hatchling hide Ql 90.91 Wgt 11.98 3.3g White dragon hatchlilng hide Ql 62.81 Wgt 8.32 2.6g Please reply in this thread or via forum pm if interested.
  3. I'll take it for 65s. Can you COD it to Gaelen please.
  4. I'll take all 4, I'm based on Deli and can collect from your deed. PM to arrange a suitable time for you.
  5. All three locations would look good in my opinion. My choice was the desert near PPM. The reason for this is that the location is already fairly well tailored for holding large events. With both the market at PPM and the Church at Mookton there are already aspects in place for holding impalongs, sermons etc. It is a fairly central location which is well known and has good access roads.
  6. PPM hasn't been abandoned, more a temporary state of inactivity due to rl issues. I'm currently awaiting a response from Zalifear for more information and I will post again in this thread as soon as I have further information.
  7. I have three full sets of Black Drake Hide armour for sale. I'm looking for 90s for a full set at 81ql CoD: 2s for cross-server, 1s for Deli Edit: All sets now sold