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  1. Look to the mountains ?
  2. My thoughts as a player. There would only be a few players that for personal reasons want a new name that feels better for their current agenda, but most name change requests would be made by those that need to hide something. Wurm is a community and social inter action is an integral part of the game which make a persons name important. Aside from the game mechanics that would be affected by name changing each time a name is discarded for another puts that old name back into the pot to be reused by a different person thus adding to the confusion unless there is a database collection of discarded names that would filter all new applicants.
  3. Enki New Head Gm

    Thank you for all the kind words. Enki will be an excellent HGM and I feel that his new appointment will be an enhancement to Wurm. As already mentioned I have RL commitments that dosnt allow me the ability to put as much time into the position that it deserves so this is an obvious move to ensure that we are all moving forward to new and exciting things to come. I will be hovering about and putting my two cents worth into the pot at times and hope to be able to continue being an asset to the team and the Wurm community. Thanks
  4. We GM will not change names. Any name change by Rolf is made at his discretion to what he sees as warranted or required. Further threads on this matter will be considered subject to penalty. This is locked.
  5. Pizza

    Looing at the fact its so easy to make a meal with only two ingredients why would people make a pizza ? Imo anything that requires more components and time that produces a similar result to the current meal is fail.
  6. Send all the details to me and I will have the admin look into it.
  7. Looks kool, much better then just a hand bag.
  8. Ayes sounds like a good PR candidate.
  9. Many people are posting false rules. Read the rules, if its not in there then its not a rule.
  10. How about. The default 5 tile perimeter is simply a buffer zone, perhaps we should call it just that a "Buffer zone". Then if we think we want to enlarge the deed at some future time we plan a perimeter around the deed and the buffer then expands outside the perimeter. No one can build anything in a buffer zone, but only the deed holder can build in the perimeter.
  11. Seff

    This is under investigation and should not be discussed here.
  12. Couple of things that may help. Build an orchard for fruit harvesting or tree farm for timber. Build a vineyard and winery requires grapes and maples. Harvest fruit to make wine etc, and use the timber to make ships. Build a nice harbour for your shipbuilding activity, sailboats for all villagers so they can explore and collect stuff for the village. Shipbuilding is a big task but theres always a market for them. Plan and make the village appealing, you will be surprised how much that instills a sense of home to players. Collect and store resources and produce they can be sold in quantity and the cash helps with village economy. Even rocks, bricks, dirt etc have a market demand that can assist you. Then if thats all done find a needed resource and build an enclosure around it as a village base. You could have one or more of these bases on each server. If all that is done then build a portal and as a village goto epic and set up there. Learn to pvp. PS: grinding for many is boring so keep villagers moving about with jobs. But dont tell them what to do, just given them options or offers.
  13. Your argument is based on supposition and your concerns are ill founded. No one here can say what Rolf can or cannot be doing as you are not privvy to his thoughts. Needless to say he will do what he sees best for wurm before 1.01 and therafter. He is also on record stating that all bugs are important and will be dealt with on priority basis. Actually there isnt any need for this thread as I have answered it although I havent been specific. Jberg was acting in a preemptive manner that a few will not see as acceptable to them but none the less was done properly. I am unlocking this to see if you can keep it constructive.
  14. You have broken the rules with this thread and force me to lock it. All you had to do is send the OP to me as perscribed in the rule process and let me handle it but no, and you wonder why we get cranky.
  15. Oops, sorry, you said roleplay and i got interested, good ploy. But realy RP is play style. Im not an expert on this ( looks for Levedara ) but imo RP is taking a role and playing accordingly to that role, new or more content dosnt matter as you play the role with the resources available. Having said that there isnt anything stopping you RPing now, theres plenty to work with just that you dont have all the candy yet.
  16. Thinking on the lines of absentee trading and have thought of the following. Build a series of gated locked pens on deed. Supplier buys the correct key from merchant for say 1c or 1i. They open the correct pen , drop the goods, name them and leave the pen locked. Then they drop the key in an appropriate chest made available there. If you have settings allowing pick up from outside on deed then they should drop the key inside an appropriate hut so it can be reused. This way you know who made the drop and how much was dropped and the goods cannot be mixed up. PS: You can sell finished or unfinished goods or even multiple items in this way especially if its not possible to send by mail.
  17. We will discuss this for possibe rule amendment. Thanks
  18. Perimeter isnt yours its only a buffer between deeds. Remove the perimeter and you would have an eploitable situation of side by side deeding of areas.
  19. As per the rules Perimeters: Perimeters are considered as part of the wilderness. Firstly we have to clarify that the deed perimeter you pay for is only an insurance to possibly expand your existing deed. It does not give the deed holder ownership of that area. Also you can only expand out until your perimeter touches another deeds perimeter. So in that respect if your perimeter already touches another perimeter you cannot expand unless you have purchased extra tiles then the default 5 tiles. If you have purchased extra tiles then you will have the ability to expand until you reach the default 5 tile perimeter.
  20. Wonder how many threads would appear in anger over road demolitions if we were to remove the highway rule ? Wonder how many people are capable of defining a highway rule that will satisfy everyone ? We dont like rules, so it would be fantastic if everyone agrees we should remove this rule.
  21. Read the rules. Highways. A/ It is illegal to block, terraform, alter or destroy any highways.( Application to conduct any of these activities may be sent to GM for approval)