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  1. I'm writing you because you wrote the fansite policy on the Wurm forum.  I don't know who I'm supposed to notify, but I've created a website for our village.  You said you might even list it on your website somewhere.  That would be cool!  Here's the link:

  2. Hey bud, one of us in the western allliance found an old horse of yours. Still said it was being cared for by you. We miss ya in the Western Union. RIP wherever you are man ?

  3. Hey Barakus do you remind Bismark? We played together on the old beta maps with Queenie etc.... I have a problem with my account Bismarkk ... i can´t remind my old password. I tried to reset it via Shoppage but it wont work. Is there another way to resolve this ? regards

    1. Oracle


      Hello there hope your in good health.

      Im sorta retired you will have to post to Enki the HGM or another GM to get any action sorry.

      Be well

  4. Look to the mountains ?
  5. My thoughts as a player. There would only be a few players that for personal reasons want a new name that feels better for their current agenda, but most name change requests would be made by those that need to hide something. Wurm is a community and social inter action is an integral part of the game which make a persons name important. Aside from the game mechanics that would be affected by name changing each time a name is discarded for another puts that old name back into the pot to be reused by a different person thus adding to the confusion unless there is a database collection of discarded names that would filter all new applicants.
  6. Enki New Head Gm

    Thank you for all the kind words. Enki will be an excellent HGM and I feel that his new appointment will be an enhancement to Wurm. As already mentioned I have RL commitments that dosnt allow me the ability to put as much time into the position that it deserves so this is an obvious move to ensure that we are all moving forward to new and exciting things to come. I will be hovering about and putting my two cents worth into the pot at times and hope to be able to continue being an asset to the team and the Wurm community. Thanks
  7. We GM will not change names. Any name change by Rolf is made at his discretion to what he sees as warranted or required. Further threads on this matter will be considered subject to penalty. This is locked.
  8. Pizza

    Looing at the fact its so easy to make a meal with only two ingredients why would people make a pizza ? Imo anything that requires more components and time that produces a similar result to the current meal is fail.
  9. Send all the details to me and I will have the admin look into it.
  10. Looks kool, much better then just a hand bag.
  11. Ayes sounds like a good PR candidate.
  12. Many people are posting false rules. Read the rules, if its not in there then its not a rule.